Features to mind for purchasing pulse watches

The difference of the wide range of products can often only be found in detail. Which points should you mind by choosing your perfect training partner ?

Easy menu guide

  • Mind an easy, comprehensible, and multi-lingual menu guide for purchasing. The display should be high in contrast and good to read.

The optimal pulse zone

  • By entering gender, age, weight, and height, the pulse monitor calculates automatically your personal optimal training zone.

Chest strap

  • There are pulse watches measuring pulse without a chest strap. Mostly, these are very imprecise. A chest strap is directly put near to the heart, so that precise information can be transmitted to the watch.


  • Those who wish to use the pulse watch not only ahsore but also under or at the water, should absolutely mind that the watch is waterproof.

Alarm signal

  • Alarm signals provide an optimal workout. Heart rate target zones can be individually set. An accoustic warning sound, which alert when optimal training zone is left, is very practical.


  • The stopwatch function informs you about training time covered. The display of time offers an additional use.


  • It is especially very important for sporty activities at dusk or dawn that your pulse watch is equipped with backlit lighting.

Some models do not only display training data but save them as well. Some pulse watches can even be connected to a pc to transmit and analyse data.

Before purchasing, think about functions which are essential, desirable or unnecessary for you.

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