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Dips and push-ups - accessory for training classics

Dips and push-ups are real classics of strength training. Both exercises originate from bodyweight training and are done with the own bodyweight. Dips and push-ups are also part of the Functional Training, because they train muscles together and support their interplay.

Dip units like the Taurus Abs-/ Dip unit for wall mounting can also be used for abdominal muscle training or core training, because exercises like leg lifting or pelvis bending can be done.

We offer diverse push-up handles of different versions and manufacturers, which provide stability and safe hold for doing push-up exercises. These push-up handles are partially equipped with rotating mechanisms for a more effective training of chest and triceps.

Multi-functional trainers like the Lebert Equalizer or the Taurus Multi-Functional Trainer can be used for dips and push-ups and a multitude of other exercises. They offer an almost complete strength training thanks to their varied possibilities of use.
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Europe's No. 1 for home fitness
67x in Europe