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Reebok is one of the world's most famous and popular brands in the development and production of sporting goods. A household name primarily for its high-quality sportswear, Reebok has also made a name for itself in the production of innovative and top-quality fitness equipment. In addition to popular cardio equipment such as cross-trainers, treadmills, and ergometers, Reebok's wide range of products also includes a diverse selection of fitness accessories, e.g., for boxing, aerobics, coordination, functional training, gymnastics or strength training, in order to improve your fitness even more comprehensively and specifically. Benefit from the extensive Reebok product world at our shop and start your personal fitness and well-being programme.
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Maximum stability and reliability as standard – the Reebok Titanium series

With Reebok's Titanium-series fitness equipment, the name says it all. High-quality materials and an intelligent design make devices of that series particularly sturdy and reliable and ensure their longevity. In addition, models in the Titanium range convince users with their modern design and innovative technology. Furthermore, they offer a lot of different workout programmes. That enables a particularly varied cardio workout with high motivation. The programmes include standard measurements for, e.g., distance and calorie consumption, depending on the respective device model, and those for recording fat burning or the heart rate. Not least through the distinct functionality of the Titanium series, Reebok proves to be completely oriented towards the individual needs of its customers when developing its fitness equipment.

The Run On Earth app from Reebok turns your workout into a fitness world tour

For even more training pleasure on a Reebok fitness device, there is the option of connecting it with a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth. A particularly creative workout supplement there is Reebok's popular Run On Earth app. That app is connected to Google Maps and offers the option of virtually walking and tracing streets in this world that have been digitised by Google Streetview. There, the workout resistance adapts completely to the virtual terrain profile on which you want to do your workout. That means that there are practically no limits to a varied workout.

History of a successful company: when the rhebuck conquered the fitness world

Reebok's steep rise to become one of the world's most popular manufacturers of sporting goods began back in the late 19th century: In 1890, shoemaker J.W. Foster developed the first known running shoe with spikes to enable athletes to run faster than ever before. That was followed in 1895 by the founding of the company J.W. Foster and Sons in Great Britain. Since 1958, Reebok has been operating under its current name, based on the term "rhebok" from English or Afrikaans, the name for the African rhebuck. Today, Reebok is a subsidiary of Adidas AG, headquartered in the US state of Massachusetts. Like hardly any other sporting goods manufacturer, Reebok combines long tradition with timeless innovation.
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