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Get in shape doing functional training - with our small training weights and tubes
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Resistance/weight training - your way to the ideal body

Resistance or weight training includes Functional Training with weights like weighted vests, heavy bags or medicine balls as well as strength training with tubes and swing bars like the Flexi-Bar.

Besides muscle building, this type of strength training offers many further advantages for your health.

Risks of injury in sport can be distinctively reduced by strengthening the body with resistance and weight training - especially of tendons, ligaments, and muscles.

In general, including weight training in the training plan, i.e. with a Taurus weighted vest or Sport-Tiedje fitness boxing, is ideal for everybody, who want to exercise their total fitness. In the meantime, many athletes realized that the use of weights is an important part of smart training, because it provides a stronger and tighter body and improves your health.

Tight muscles strengthen the posture and avoid back pain. A further positive effect is that less tensions arise in neck and shoulders. The correct form and technique of other types of sports are made easier with a strong and well-balanced, trained body.

Resistance and weight training provide a good, strong, and dynamic physical feeling.

This category includes weighted vests and wrist and ankle weights, heavy bags/sandbags, medicine balls, tubes, and many other fitness equipment of Functional Training. Brand names like Taurus or Kettler guarantee high quality of products of this fitness equipment.
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