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Experience Sandbag training as varied and very effective alternative for weight training
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Sandbags – a must for versatility of Functional Training

Experience a completely new training exercising with a sandbag. In the US, the bags filled with sand have been part of the daily but also advanced training for a long time. Thanks to the sandbag training you achieve completely new results compared to common weight training. Strength, stamina, stability, balance, coordination, and explosiveness are facts which you can improve ideally. Thus sandbags and Bulgarian Bags are very popular among allusers and enjoy a cult status among sports clubs and martial artists. That's du to the versatility of the sandbag training and that you train strength and movements doing a sandbag training. In addition, every sandbag can be filled individually!

„I shall work out with a bag full of sand?“

Sandbags are not boring sandbags for stopping floods but are very versatile and effective training devices. What makes the sandbag so outstanding and innovative? The sandbag is not stiff but flexible. The body has to counteract continuously the moving sand. Thus the body has to react to the moving mass and that demands muscles, which you do not reach with common weight training. Stabilise and strengthen your trunk, prevent painful back pain or increase your strength-stamina. No matter whether you prefer holding, swinging or lifting movements, everyone finds the certain something doing sandbag training. The principle of instability simulates movements, which also always come up in daily life. Imagine how you try to heave your hand luggage in a case in the airplane or in the train. Workouts with sandbags or a Bulgarian Bag prepare your for such situations and many others!

You increase your performance level - the sandbag increases its weight

An unmatched plus of the sandbag is the change of weight. Due to the individual filling of the bag, you regulate your resistance of the training. Depending upon the product, you can adapt the weight of resistance up to 60 kg. At the beginning, the sandbag training should be done with basic exercises. Swinging movements or rotation movements are not suitable for sandbag beginners. Many sandbags include illustrated instructions or a DVD with exercises. At the beginning, you should work with a low weight in order to get used to the new handling. Another advantage of the sandbag training is the training effect on the grip power. Some sandbag versions offer different grip possibilities and thus a much higher variety of exercises. That means you get new stimuli and effects for the muscles and the whole body doing sandbag training.

You always have your training partner at hand with the sandbag

Either at home, at office, on trips or on holiday, you can always do your training. Take you sandbag unfilled along on holiday. You can find sand for filling everywhere. Being unfilled, the sandbag fits in every suitcase. A simple bag becomes quickly a versatile and complexe training device for the perfect whole body training - more than ever at the beach!
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