Have you heard...

...what is stitching and how you can prevent it?


Stitches – a phenomenon known to every stamina athlete, either runner, cyclist or swimmer. How does stitching emerge and what can you do if an unpleasant pain hits your body with every breath?


Stitches have different reasons. There is no clear scientific explanation up to now. One possible explanation for the development of stitches is a wrong breathing technique. Because of breathing too rapidly and to flat, there is an oxygen undersupplying of the diaphragm and a local hyperacidity. The result are convulsive pains below the ribs. In general, it is harmless and temporary, stitches mostly emerge with unconditioned persons and strong physical strain.


To prevent stitches:

  • approximately 2 hours before exercising, do not eat
  • avoid big, high-fat meals
  • avoid carbonated drinks
  • slow strain increase
  • no excessive demands
  • regular breathing rhythm (conversation are often disturbing)
  • deeply breath out


Techniques to fight against acute stitches:

  • slow down speed
  • walk rests
  • breath in deeply into the abdomen
  • lift arms or
  • press hands on the aching point; loosen pressure while breathing out


Enjoy your workout.

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