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Slackline-Tools stands for high-quality and well thought-out slackline sets – designed by slackliners for slackliners who know which band properties are important. That way, Slackline-Tools guarantees optimal safety and easy, comfortable assembly. The product range from Slackline-Tools is aimed at beginners and professionals, children and adults, athletes and teachers, physiotherapists and adventure educators, indoor sports facilities and outdoor facilities. Each complete set already includes everything you need for slacklining. That way, you can start immediately with the popular leisure sport.
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Slackline-Tools: the best slackline performance and safety

At the beginning of development work for Slackline-Tools is the aspiration to user-friendliness, safety, and the best slackline properties. The company develops its own designs so that the individual components can be perfectly matched. All sets meet the technical requirements of DIN 79400 slackline systems. In addition, Slackline-Tools leisure equipment is tested by professional slackliners in terms of performance and construction.

Social commitment and sustainable slackline concepts

Slackline-Tools sets are created in collaboration with the Stuttgart workshops of Lebenshilfe GmbH, a social institution for people who need support in their everyday work. At the same time, Slackline-Tools is committed to sustainability and environmental protection. For example, the company donates 1% of annual sales to environmental charities. Slackline-Tools also makes no compromises when it comes to tree protection: every set includes a tree guard by default.
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