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Sling Trainer - with the own weight to the ideal body

Sling trainers are the training equipment of Functional Training. They offer a varied strength training, which effectively supports muscle building and is an additional flexibility and coordination training. The own body serves as training weight - it is a form of bodyweight training.

Because of their low weight, sling trainers can be taken everywhere. Sling trainers can be mounted on doors, trees or walls thanks to their simple principle - and bodyweight training can start.

Functional Fitness - the fitness revolution

Functional Fitness - the new trend of strength training. Muscles are exercised together and not separately for Functional Training. Core muscles and trunk muscles are mainly strengthened. When you exercise your trunk or core muscles, you improve your posture and can even prevent back pain.

Sling trainers are the ideal fitness equipment for core training. The body compensates automatically dysbalances when exercising with sling trainers. This demands your trunk muscles and makes the Functional Training with suspension trainers so effective.

Sling trainer: just more variety of exercises

The number of exercises with sling trainers is enormous. They are idal for strength training and improvement of stamina; flexibility is trained as well as balance and coordination.

Suspension training is not solely meant for pure muscle building. It is rather the joint functioning of muscles. This approach is also the central idea of Functional Training and Bodyweight Training.

Sling Trainers are holistic training. Speed and body feeling are exercised as well as pure body strength. Training DVDs provide examples for single exercises and complete workouts with the sling trainers.
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