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A balanced diet, exercising and looking good - this is very important to many people today. For this it is very important to watch your weight, monitor your nutrition, and more and more, to measure your exact body fat content.
Whoever thinks about measuring body fat content is primarily concerned with losing weight. And as everybody knows, that is done in small steps. But some do not understand why they fail making progress losing weight in spite of a healthy change of their diet. It is the one who understands what is happening when he loses weight and beyond that, who controls the success of his efforts, who really succeeds in losing weight.
Weight has always been checked with scales. However, since the simple formula of the ideal weight has more and more come into question, body fat scales are increasingly used for monitoring purposes. Soehnle body fat scales operate according to the bio-impedance principle. The scales measure electrical resistance in the body and determine on the basis of individual data the percentage of body fat. But the complete Soehnle wellness system goes even further: Soehnle is the only manufacturer that offers the whole range of products: from weight measurement to body fat analysis and even nutrition management.
The Soehnle Body Balance Scales determine simultaneously and with extreme precision your weight, body fat content and body water content - nothing could be more convenient!

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