Have you heard...

...what sore muscles really mean ?



Who has not been affected - by the unpleasant muscular pain after a physical effort !?

Typical symptoms of sore muscles are:

  • Emerging pain with a delay of about one day after effort
  • Duration of pain approximately 5 days
  • Affected musculature is tensed, limp and ache with each motion as well as pressure on the respective point 


However, what is the origin of sore muscles ? How to prevent sore muscles ? What can be done when pain is severe ?


Aches often emerge in musculature after the muscle was stressed in an unusal way or strained. Certainly, scientists do not agree completely regarding biological basics and causes of sore muscles, but a possible reason could be that muscular tissue is getting torn while it is stressed. Ruptures in muscle fibres emerge, so called micro-ruptures, where water comes in. Edemas emerge. Muscular cells swell and the muscle gets stretched. This stretching pain is well-known as sore muscles. Because of cell swellings and thereby caused artery restriction, blood circulation gets worse. This is causing pain as well.


How to prevent sore muscles:

  • Regular, sporty workout
  • Precise power, coordination and flexibility workout


What can be done when sore muscles are severe:

  • Warm baths stimulating blood circulation
  • Sauna
  • Light loosening-up exercises
  • Moderate stress with low intensity of concerned musculature
  • Light stroking massages (ADVICE: Avoid classic "kneading massage“, so that injured fibres are not strained again !)
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