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Quickness training - improve your reaction and speed

In sports quickness is the ability to react on a signal in the shortest time possible and carry out movements with differing levels of resistance as fast as possible. In practice quickness can therefore be divided into:
  • quickness of reaction
  • Quickness of cyclical motions (succession of actions: sprinting, rowing, swimming etc.)
  • Quickness of acyclic motions (single action: shot put, jump etc.)
Quickness training advances all facets of speed and improves your athletic performance . That is why speed/quickness training is relevant to many sports. Determining factors for quickness are the reaction speed, quickness (accelerating power) and quickness endurance. If we look at individual sports we find that for football the quickness of actions is especially important, whereas in martial arts and boxing speed of reaction and quick reflexes are of special importance. Our quickness & speed training range is versatile in use and allows for various training options for functional training and ball sports. An individualised and goal oriented training programme with our products can greatly improve your quickness, coordination, reaction time, stamina and power.
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