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Exercise especially the shot technique with the table tennis robot.

Regular workouts are important to improve - for table tennis as well. A table tennis robot can be a big support when there is no training partner. Exercise your shot technique independent of time with a table tennis robot. Either beginner, leisure sportsman or pro - special exercises for basic shots, etc. with a table tennis robot independent of your performance level. Coordination, reaction, and even fitness are improved while exercising with a table tennis robot. Most different shot varieties can be exercised by a great selection of adjustments of a table tennis ball machine. The tt robot may not replace a human opponent but effects positively the completion and success of your workout.

How does a table tennis ball machine work ?

Functionality of a table tennis robot is quite easy. It can be compared to the one of a ball machine for tennis. Table tennis ball machine stands on the opposite side of the table tennis board - like an opponent. There are also smaller models which can be mounted on a board. The table tennis ball machine has a ball case, which can contain up to 200 balls. According to the model and your chosen settings, the table tennis robot shoots balls in different trajectory curves over the net. You play back the balls and exercise your shot technique. Some table tennis robots are equipped with a so called round-catch-net, which is mounted on the table tennis board. This returns the parried balls to the table tennis ball machine. Therefore, balls are less often refilled in the case and longer workout intervals are possible.

What are the functions of a table tennis robot ?

Table tennis ball machines have been on the market since about three decades. In the last 30 years, more progress has been done in the development of new equipment. Table tennis robots can imitate almost all human shot techniques. Upper and under cut or top spin of absolutely natural trajectory are easy, in general. Many table tennis robots offer the additional possibility of a scattering angle and variation of shot interval. Some equipment can play up to 100 balls a minute.
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