Taurus 30mm Weight Plates Made in Germany

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  • Made in Germany! Precision craftwork from one of the leading foundaries in Europe
  • The Taurus Premium Weight Plates – made for maximum performance
  • Design and production in Germany: In close co-operation between the professionals from Taurus and specialists from the ACO foundary
  • Traditionally good: Manufactured in a leading metal factory in Europe with over 100 years experience
  • Get a grip: For easy handling the premium weight plates are made with large grips with an anti-slip surface
  • Highest precision: The maximum difference from nominal weight is under 0.5%, 10 times better than the value of other weight plates. Only professional competition weights have such precision.
  • For effective strength training at home: Weight plates with a 30.5mm inner diameter
  • Strong , long-lasting finish: Cathodic dip coating – a couple of micrometer thick layer is absolutely corrosion-free and is, for example, used in the production of cars
  • Fine work, until everthing is perfect: The last fine work is done by hand, to secure the highest expectations and that each and EVERY weight plate is perfect as well as unique.
  • For peace of mind: Made in Germany – shorter transportation, fewer emissions
  • Quality from the first to last step of the production process: In the certified production machinery only selected raw materials are used and every production step is under strict quality surveillance
  • Pure strength training: The weight plates made out of cast steel feel high quality & strong without the frills
  • The 1.25kg and 2.5kg Premium Weight Plates are delivered as a pair. From 5kg upwards, are sold individually
  • Diameter | Width of the Taurus Premium Weight Plates:
    • 1.25kg: ⌀ 13.5 | 1.83cm
    • 2.5kg: ⌀ 21 | 1.99cm
    • 5kg: ⌀ 25 | 2.46cm
    • 10kg: ⌀ 32.5 | 2.76cm
    • 15kg: ⌀ 37 | 3.13cm
    • 20kg: ⌀ 41.5 | 3.14cm
    • 25kg: ⌀ 41.5 | 3.8cm

The Taurus Premium Weight Plates are produced in Germany by one of the leading foundaries in Europe. Only certified precision machines are used in the production process. This secures that each and every premium weight plate is perfect.

Weight plates "Made in Germany"

The new Taurus Premium Weight Plates are "Made in Germany" – they are produced in the ACOFoundary located in Kaiserlautern. The ACO Foundary is one of the leading foundaries in Europe and has a strong 100 year company history, experience and tradition that they can count on.

The design of the plates was drafted due to close co-operation betweeen the engineers of the foundary together with the design department and managing directiors of Sport-Tiedje in Schleswig. The advantages of a weight plate "Made in Germany": shorter transport, good for the environment and transport costs, better controll of the steps in production and finally the strength of production in Germany.

Highest precision and a smart, long-lasting finish

Precision is the highest priority during the whole production process. Therefore the difference between the nominal weight and actual weight is minimal. So much so that the plates can be used in competitions. In official strength sport competitions the 50mm weight plates are of course used, but for private usage, to measure strength at the highest level, nothing will hold you back.

One of the highlights is the final finish. The process of cathodic dip painting is used. A pool is used for a electro-chemical reaction in which an approximate 15 - 20 mircometer finish is layered onto the plate. That is almost the same as a third of the thickness of a human hair. This finish method is also used in the production of cars as protection against rust. The process is highly efficient meaning it delivers the best results with minimal waste. That saves costs and is better for the environment.

A combination from human and machine work

Of course in present times a majority of the production is autonomised, which the latest production machinery is being utilised. The production in certified machinery is constantly controlled and monitored by the latest computer systems.
br /> But there is one aspect machines and computers cannot replace: the human experience. The ACO Foundary has 100 years experience and tradition and is known for their highest quality expectations. So not only is every production step supervised under vigilant eyes but also fine hand work is utilised at the end of the production.

Last but not least: Sustainability

Through bringing production back into Germany, the long transport lanes from Asia are eliminated. This elimination of transport distance, way over 10 000km, is a huge measure in minimising CO2 exhaust. Additionally the production machinery in the ACO Foundary in Kaiserslautern is ISO 50001 certified. This internationally valid norm confirms that the company is consequently implementing measure in increasing their energy efficiency.
Taurus 30mm Weight Plates Made in Germany AwardsTaurus 30mm Weight Plates Made in Germany AwardsTaurus 30mm Weight Plates Made in Germany Awards

The guarantee is valid in terms of the general statutory provisions for the end user.

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Sehr gute, hochwertige Hantelscheiben. Ich kaufe gerne made in Germany Produkte und bin auch von der Qualität begeistert. Mir fehelen nur noch die 2,5kg Scheiben, die aber Ende des Monats nachgeliefert werden sollen.
Der absolute Hammer, habe noch nie so schöne und präzise Hantelscheiben in der Hand gehabt. Kein Gummigeruch, sehr wertig. Wirklich eine lohnende Investition.
Die Erwartungen waren hoch und wurden nicht enttäuscht. Die Hantelscheibe sieht super aus, hat praktische Grifflöcher und liegt gut in der Hand. Ich habe aus Spass mal das Gewicht nachgewogen und hatte bei einer 15kg Scheibe nur 35Gramm Abweichung. Hammer!

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