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Sport-Tiedje Expert Review
  • Features
  • Innovation
  • Smoothness of Rotation
  • Stability
  • Delivery by freight carrier
  • Crosstrainer (Front wheeler) with an adjustable incline
  • Clear swivel display with very simple dial control
  • Perfect running feeling: very small stride width of just 3.3 cm
  • Incline for more intensive use of the muscles
  • A stride length of 56 cm with a flat ellipse means a very comfortable walking experience
  • Multiple grips: optimal grip position for every body size
  • Extremely stable device: 180 kg max. User height
  • Use either the display or the middle handles to adjust the resistance level and incline
  • The display is both elegant and simple
  • App Compatibility:
    • iOS: iConsole+ Training and Kinomap
    • Android: iConsole+ Training
  • Max. user-weight: 180 kg
  • Dimensions set-up - Taurus FX9.9 Cross Trainer: (L) 211 cm x (W) 82 cm x (H) 188 cm
  • Technical information:
    • Braking system: electromagnetic induction brake
    • Output: 10 - 350 W (Adjustable in increments starting from 5 Watt)
    • RPM-independent resistance control
    • Balance mass according to the standard of Tiedje: 10 kg Details
      When you compare the products, please mind that some manufacturers define differently the balance mass of their crosstrainers. Therefore, the indications can vary among each other. Besides the weights of flywheel, pulley, and caryying wheel respectively cross and blank discs (levelling discs), the indications of balance mass of some manufacturers consider additionally the weights of pedal arms, handle bars, and other parts. This is dubious in our opinion. We define the balance mass as "total weight of flywheel, pulley, carrying wheel respectively cross and blanc discs", which form the rear balance unit.
      Balance mass according to the manufacturer: 0 kg
      Balance mass according to the standard of Tiedje: 10 kg, of it
      • Flywheel: 10kg
      • Pulley: Not specified by the manufacturer
      • Carrying wheel: Not specified by the manufacturer
      • Cross joint and round blank: Not specified by the manufacturer
      Aspects which are not included in valuation according to the standard of Tiedje:
      • Grip bars (R+L): Not specified by the manufacturer
      • Pedal arm (R+L): Not specified by the manufacturer
      • Other parts: Not specified by the manufacturer
    • Gear ratio: 1:8.75
    • Stride length: 56 cm
    • Stride height: 14 cm
    • Stride width: 3.3 cm
    • Ball-bearing mounted joints
  • Computer:
    • Resistance levels: 32
    • Display: duration, distance, speed, watts, RPM, calories, heart rate
    • Display of exercise profiles via LCD
    • Exercise programmes in total: 25, of which custom: 1, heart rate controlled: 4
    • User memory: 4
  • Features:
    • heart rate measurement: hand pulse sensors + chest strap (sold separately)
    • Chest strap for telemetric heart rate measurement sold separately
    • Power supply: mains adaptor
    • Extras: transport wheels, drinking bottle holder
  • An elliptical cross trainer with a joint-gentle, elliptical movement (Elliptical)

The Taurus FX9.9 Cross Trainer with adjustable incline from the Taurus 9.9 fitness equipment line is a glowing example of quality, in terms of excellent movement and stability. Being able to adjust the position makes it so much easier to vary the intensity and focus of the muscle training!

Incline is (good) for A... Gluteus maximus

The Taurus FX9.9 is one of the few cross trainers on the market that has an adjustable incline. An adjustable incline offers two major advantages. Firstly, in addition to the resistance level, there is a second option for setting the training intensity. It is much more demanding to run up a slope than on the flat. Secondly, the muscular focus is a little different. As with climbing stairs, the high-incline cross trainer trains the gluteus maximus, i.e. the bottom, more intensively. So if you want to lose weight and have a firm bottom, the Taurus FX9.9 Cross Trainer is the right choice for you.

Exceptionally high quality of movement and ergonomics

You should of course feel comfortable when training on the cross trainer. The FX9.9 Cross Trainer does an excellent job of the three points that are largely responsible for a comfortable workout: stride length, stride width and elliptical height.

  • The stride length is a generous 56 cm. A longer stride is usually found to be much more comfortable when exercising. With a stride length of 56 cm, the cross trainer is suitable for people who are between 160 and 210 cm tall.
  • At just 3.3 cm, the stride width is very small. A narrow stride width is much more comfortable and ergonomic, and hip misalignments can also be avoided. Just test it for yourself when you walk: your feet are close together.
  • The stride and elliptical heights are also very comfortable at just 14 cm. Along with the stride length, the result is a gliding feeling that feels good AND is even easier on the joints.

The foot plates / pedals are non-slip and nice and large. The fitness device also features multi-grips for additional ergonomic comfort. Everyone will find the optimal hand position, regardless of their height. This makes the FX9.9 perfect for fitness rooms where several people train, for example: in a family home or a professional fitness studio in a hotel or workplace.

Lots of comfort functions: this is how fun training can be!

Operation is quick and easy

The display of the FX9.9 can be easily operated with a dial. Programmes can be selected quickly, and target values (e.g. watts or calories) can be quickly changed. When you have configured all the settings and the programme starts, why not watch a film on your tablet while you exercise? Just put it in the tablet holder. Or you can connect your mobile device to the free training app, iConsole+.

The little extras make the Taurus FX9.9 Cross Trainer really great

As well as the simple controls and tablet holder, there are some other features that make the FX9.9 so good. For example, the display can be swivelled, and you can control the settings for the incline (10 levels) and resistance (32 levels) on the console or the handles in the middle. These handles also have hand pulse sensors, so you can choose whether you want to measure your pulse there or using a chest strap.

There is also a drinking bottle holder attached to the console mast. You don't want to get dehydrated during a strenuous training session. Incidentally, the FX9.9 can be easily adjusted after training. There are two sturdy wheels at the front and lifting handle at the back.

The Taurus 9.9 fitness equipment series: welcome to the family

Strong performance, high stability and comfortable, ergonomic training – this is what the new Taurus fitness equipment family stands for. The family consists of two cross trainers (a front wheeler, a back wheeler), a recumbent bike, an ergometer and a range of treadmills. The devices are coordinated in function and design and, together, they are the first choice for every high-quality fitness room.
Taurus FX9.9 Cross Trainer AwardsTaurus FX9.9 Cross Trainer AwardsTaurus FX9.9 Cross Trainer AwardsTaurus FX9.9 Cross Trainer AwardsTaurus FX9.9 Cross Trainer Awards

manual Taurus-FX9.9

For further information on the warranty, please refer to the manufacturer's terms of warranty. The manufacturer's warranty is an extra service and does not affect your statutory rights.

Manufacturer's warranty Full warranty
Home use 2 years
Semiprofessional use 12 months

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einfach toll
Ein schöner stabiler Crosstrainer der jeden Euro Wert ist. Durch die vielen Möglichkeiten der Einstellungen ist für jeden das passende Programm dabei. Eindeutige Kaufempfehlung... Die Beratung in der Filiale Duisburg war auch topp...
Alles in allem sehr stabiler Trainer mit vielen Extras. Die elektrisch verstellbare Steigungsfunktion hebt das Gerät von allen anderen Mitbewerbern ab. In den Trainingsprogrammen wechselt Steigung und Bremswirkung minütlich, das sorgt für ein spaßiges Training. Es sind mehr als 30 Programme mit der Touchconsole verfügbar. Aufgrund der stabilen Bauweise und der stark variierenden Intensität der Trainings wird man für lange Zeit Freude an diesem Gerät haben. Auch wenn der Preis erstmal hoch erscheinen mag, bekommt man ein Gerät welches in Stabilität, Innovation (Steigungsfunktion voll automatisch), und Extras zu punkten weiß. ... [Read more]
Super stabiler und toll laufender Crosstrainer. Die Computerfuntkionen sind ebenfalls klasse.
Cooler Crosstrainer mit Steigungseinstellung. Habe lange nach so einer Funktion gesucht und bin happy mit meinem neuem Trainingspartner.
Die Bedienung über den Touchmonitor ist sehr intuitiv und zugleich futuristisch.
Das Gerät wurde sehr gut verpackt von der Spedition angeliefert. Die Qualität der Einzelteile ist ansprechend, die Teile professionell miteinander verschweißt. Insgesamt macht das Gerät einen sehr stabilen und robusten Eindruck. Die Aufbauzeit mit 1,5 Stunden für 2 Personen ist eher sportlich kalkuliert. Da die Griffstange für rechts einen "Links"-Aufkleber trug und umgekehrt gibt es Punktabzug! Die Montage ist leider auch falsch herum möglich und das Gerät wäre so auch grundsätzlich bedienbar. Der praktisch veranlagte Nutzer kann dies allerdings erkennen. Spätere, körperliche Schäden durch unsachgemäße Handhabung und Ergonomie wären allerdings nicht ausgeschlossen. ... [Read more]
Der Elipsentrainer gefiel mir beim Testlaufen in der Niederlassung auf Anhieb am besten. Das kann ich auch jedem nur ans Herz legen: jedes Gerät ist so unterschiedlich! Mir gefallen die große Schrittlänge und die unterschiedlichen Griffmöglichkeiten besonders gut. Alles in Allem macht das Gerät einen sehr hochwertigen Eindruck und bietet mir der Multimedia Konsole auch noch ein paar „Spielmöglichkeiten“, damit es nicht langweilig wird.
Très bon vélo elliptique de qualité professionnelle. Il convient très bien aux grands utilisateurs (je mesure 1 mètre 93 pour presque 100 kg). Le vélo est robuste, il ne bouge pas pendant l'utilisation, ne grince pas, le nombre de programmes est plus que conséquents. Console très facile à utiliser, elle fait l'essentiel de ce que l'on peut attendre d'un tel objet.
Schicke Konsole, angenehmes Laufgefühl und stabile Rahmenkonstruktion. Stellen Sie sich auf ein schweres Paket ein, das Fahrer Ihnen bringen wird ;)
Training wie im Studio – genau genommen noch ein bisschen besser, denn mit der Touch Konsole verlängert man gerne sein Training. Alles wie erhofft !

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