Taurus Performance Gym

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Variety of exercises
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Taurus Performance Gym

Taurus Performance Gym

  • Maximum workout variety
    Train your whole body effectively
  • Strength training with highest comfort
    The strength station optimally adapts to the user
Taurus Performance Gym Awards
Taurus Performance Gym Stability with a capital S

Stability with a capital S

The Taurus Performance Gym is very stable and compact at the same time. Each of the cable pulls have, at their disposal, a heavy weight stack at 68kg, which is adaptable in 15 steps. Even with the highest training intensity, the strength station has security and stability.
Taurus Performance Gym Workouts in optimum comfort

Workouts in optimum comfort

For the best comfort in training, the Taurus Performance Gym offers two cable pull stations, which can be easily adjusted 20-fold in height. THat way, you can adapt the training to your own needs whenever necessary. There is a storage compartment in the rear area of the multi-gym that offers enough space for your drinking bottle, towel and other accessories.
Taurus Performance Gym So easy to operate

So easy to operate

Thanks to the quick-release mechanism on the cable pulls, the pulling aids can be particularly quickly exchanged. The cable pull height can also be easily adjusted. Furthermore, the training intensity can be easily adjusted on the weight blocks in 4.5 kg increments.
Taurus Performance Gym Widest variety of exercises

Widest variety of exercises

The multi-gym offers the maximum variety of exercises for all muscle groups. This includes many effective shoulder, chest, arms, back, leg and stomach exercises. The foldable back padding provides support during standing exercises. In addition, the golf swing and tennis forehand can be improved at the performance gym.
Taurus Performance Gym Many practical extras

Many practical extras

In addition to the multi-gym, the Taurus Performance Gym includes many accessories for all the more successful workouts. This includes a pull-up station with 4 grip positions, dip and leg lift station, rowing handle / triceps bar, snap hook, 2 one-hand grips with three length settings, a long multi-bar and 2 textile straps that can be used, for example, as leg loops or as pull-up support.

  • Double cable multi-gym with a comprehensive accessory set and numerous training elements
  • Pulley system with 180° freedom of movement, to effectively and ergonomically execute all exercises
  • Maximum exercise variety in a compact space!
  • Exceptional stability!
  • Backrest offers optimal support with chest exercises while standing (e.g. Butterflies or standing benchpress)
  • Pulley can be adjusted to numerous heights
  • Innovative system: enables quick and secure changes of accessories and grips
  • Transmission ratio of 2:1, enabling a smooth run
  • Multi-gym with 4 grip options, among others, rock climbing grips
  • Leg raises / dip element with an optional foldable backrest
  • Comprehensive multi-gym with accessories: pull-up element, dip and leg raise element, rowing grip, 2 single hand grips which can be adjusted to 3 lengths, long multi-purpose bar, carabiners and 2 textile straps that can be used, for example, as foot straps or supports while doing pull-ups
  • Nylon coated steel cable which can be loaded with over 900kg
  • Diameter of the pulleys: 9.5cm
  • Long textile straps can be used as supports for pull-ups
  • Storage for the accessories is built into the multi-gym
  • Dimensions set-up - Taurus Performance Gym: (L) 153 cm x (W) 129 cm x (H) 213 cm
  • Weight stack 68kg (15 x 4.5) , 68kg (15 x 4.5)
  • A variety of possible exercises for: Shoulders, Chest, Back, Legs, Abdominals, Arms

The Taurus Performance Gym offers maximum functionality and flexibility in strength training. The two cable pulls can be height-adjusted and have a wide rotation radius, so all exercises can be performed with the maximum range of motion. Quick-release fasteners allow the handles to be quickly changed. Moreover, the station is equipped with a pull-up and a dip station as well as a foldable back cushion.

Maximum flexibility for maximum Performance

The very stable, but still compact, Taurus Performance multi-gym is equipped with two cable pulling stations, which can be adjusted 20 times in height thanks to a very smooth mechanism. Exercises can be performed on the deep cable pull (e.g. biceps curls), at medium height (e.g. pec flys) or on the very high cable pull for the triceps or the back.

The cable pulls run over large pulleys, guaranteeing very even andsmooth pulling. Each of the cable pulls has its own weight block with 68kg, which can be finely adjusted in 15 levels. Thanks to the gear ratio of 2:1, the resistance setting is particularly fine.

The cable pulls have a clever quick-release mechanism, which is how the pulling aids can be exchanged particularly quickly. Amongst other things, the delivery includes two handle loops, a leg loop, a textile belt for support during pull-ups and a long handle bar. The performance gym also has a pull-up bar with a wide variety of grip options to enable effective training with your own body weight. This also includes special climbing holds, as known from bouldering. The multigym is equipped with a foldable back pad to support exercises while standing. The storage compartment in the rear area offers space for a drinks bottle, towels and other accoutrements.
Taurus Performance Gym Awards

Manual Taurus-PG

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Home use 2 years
Semiprofessional use 12 months

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Sport-Tiedje Expert Review
Variety of exercises

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DU-XB 40: Lieferung erfolgte schneller als erwartet, Aufbau sehr einfach, Qualität scheint sehr gut zu sein, Bedienung sehr einfach Besonders zu erwähnen die sehr effiziente und freundliche Beratung (Herr Lieder)
0 persons found this review helpful
Muy completa y gran calidad de materiales. Les costó 20 días entregármela y montármela en casa, pero la espera mereció la pena.
0 persons found this review helpful
Beim Trainieren fühlt man sich wie im Studio. Tolles Laufgefühl und super Stabil.
0 persons found this review helpful
Sport-Tiedje bietet einen tollen Kundenservice. Die neue Kraftstation von Taurus, die erst seit weniger als einem Jahr auf dem Markt ist, macht einen hochwertigen Eindruck. Sie lässt laut Beschreibung keine Wünsche offen. Die Stabilität der Station wird hier deutlich hervorgehoben, sie bietet die verschiedensten Trainingsmöglichkeiten und ist dabei auch sehr platzsparend.
0 persons found this review helpful
Sehr guter Service im Shop in Stuttgart. Wurde gut erklärt und wir konnten alles ausprobieren, solange wir wollten. Montage hat auch reibungslos geklappt. Das Gerät ist stabil und bietet sehr viele Möglichkeiten. Würden es wieder kaufen und empfehlen es weiter.
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Zeer mooi station, ik heb deze gekocht gezien je hier alles op kan trainen. Met de bijgeleverde accessoires is dat zeker mogelijk. Goede bouwkwaliteit en zeer soepel.
0 persons found this review helpful
Das Performance Gym überzeugt nicht nur mit seiner Ausstattung , auch die Qualität ist wie im Studio. Kostet dementsprechend nicht wenig, für jemanden der allerdings semi/professionell Kraftsport betreibt ist dies definitiv die richtige Wahl.
0 persons found this review helpful
Deckt alle Trainingswünsche ab und ist wirklich vielseitig benutzbar
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Nog nooit heb ik zulke soepele lagers in een fitness-apparaat gezien/gevoeld. Het is en blijft een basic dual pulley, maar wát een kwaliteitstoestel is dit zeg!
0 persons found this review helpful
Er lijkt geen einde te komen aan de verschillende opties!

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