Taurus Power Cage Ultra Pro

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Taurus Power Cage Ultra Pro

Taurus Power Cage Ultra Pro

  • Stable and secure Built for professional use at home
    or in the professional gym
  • Wide variety of exercisesThe many accessories enable
    a comprehensive full-body workout
Taurus Power Cage Ultra Pro AwardsTaurus Power Cage Ultra Pro Awards
Taurus Power Cage Ultra Pro Maximum stability for maximum power

Maximum stability for maximum power

The Taurus Power Cage Ultra Pro impresses with its solid steel construction, which is absolutely stable on the floor thanks to its own weight of 137.5 kg. You can load the cage with up to 350 kg during barbell training and thus get the most out of your body.
Taurus Power Cage Ultra Pro Safe training has top priority

Safe training has top priority

The Power Cage has two J-hooks and two bar catchers for maximum safety during training. These act as safety supports during exercise. You can attach the J-Hooks to the inside and outside of the steel posts. The bar catchers are fixed between the steel posts. You can position both variants at 29 different heights so that you can push your performance limits with every exercise.
Taurus Power Cage Ultra Pro Variable cable pull with great pulling motion

Variable cable pull with great pulling motion

With the Taurus Power Cage Ultra Pro's cable pull you get a high and low cable pull, which offer you a large range of different exercises. In addition, it offers an optimal 1:1 transmission ratio and a very even pulling motion, which makes training very comfortable.
Taurus Power Cage Ultra Pro Lots of training stations for an even more varied workout

Lots of training stations for an even more varied workout

In addition to the cable pull, this cage has a pull-up bar with all possible grip variants, a dip station and a landmine for back or shoulder exercises. This makes the Taurus Power Cage Ultra Pro the ideal basic equipment for comprehensive training of all muscle groups.
Taurus Power Cage Ultra Pro Matching accessories for your Power Cage

Matching accessories for your Power Cage

So that you can make optimal use of the multitude of great features, you will also receive an extensive package of suitable equipment. This package contains a short straight curl bar and a long lat pulldown bar for cable pulls. To attach the bars, you will also be supplied with 2 link chains and carabiners.
Taurus Power Cage Ultra Pro A lot of space for training

A lot of space for training

Thanks to the eight variably insertable metal rods included in the package, you can easily store your weights, fitness bands or sling trainers on the Power Cage after training. All you have to do is push the rods through the holes in the cage. It also has a stand for a 50mm barbell at the bottom of each of the rear posts. This means that your training area is always tidy after training and nothing is in the way.

  • Ultra-stable power cage with extensive range of accessories
  • Training stations: chin-up bar, lat pulldown, deep cable pull, cage with lots of shelves for barbell training, 50mm barbell holder for T-bar rows (Landmine), height-adjustable dip station
  • Maximum load capacity for barbell training: 350kg | Dip station and pull-up bar: 150kg | Cable pull: 100kg
  • Lowest shelf height: approx. 33cm | Highest shelf of the barbell: 1.64m
  • Accessories include:
    • J-Hooks / hooks for squats with barbells or safety rests for barbell training
    • Variable insertable holders for safety, storage or attachment for training straps
    • Short, straight curl bar
    • Long lat pull bar
    • Height-adjustable cross brace with padding
    • 2 link chains, snap hook, weight plate stopper
  • Built for professional use at home and in the professional fitness room
  • A particularly large number of setting options: Bar catchers & J-hooks can be set at 29 levels
  • Adjustable leg pads: an ingenious aid for many exercises
  • External dimensions of the Bar Catcher | Barbell racks -> Min. handle width of the barbell: 122cm
  • Inner dimensions of the safety rests -> Max. grip width for exercises: 110cm
  • Hole diameter for attachment hanging: 26.3mm
  • Depth of chromed Bar Catcher | Safety rest: 95 cm
  • Chin-up bar with many options for overhand, underhand or parallel grip; Rod diameter: 25.2mm
  • 8 freely placeable mountings (26mm) with spring clips: usable as shelves for weight plates, attachment for resistance bands or as additional safety shelves
  • Two holders for storing 50mm dumbbell bars
  • 6 x 6cm square tube steel frame, 2 mm wall thickness
  • Transmission ratio of the cable pull: 1:1
  • Dimensions set-up - Taurus Power Cage Ultra Pro: (L) 197 cm x (W) 135 cm x (H) 216 cm

The Taurus Power Cage Ultra Pro combines stability, safety and variety in one training device, which means that with this Power Cage you are optimally equipped for ambitious strength training at home or in the gym. Thanks to the variable safety racks and many attachments, nothing stands in the way of your varied full-body workout.

Unconditional stability and safety

Thanks to its own weight of 137.5 kg, the Taurus Power Cage Ultra Pro stands very firmly on the ground and thus also enables training with a lot of weight. The square tube frame construction made of steel can be loaded with up to 350 kg during barbell training, which is a lot of weight even for ambitious strength athletes. Just for comparison: the world record for the raw bench press is 327.5 kg. This gives you the opportunity to increase your training weight again and again without reaching the load limit of the Power Cage.

Two J-hooks and two bar catchers are included with the Ultra Pro to enable you to train safely. These serve as safety rests so that you can train to muscle failure even without a spotter. The J-Hooks are attached either outside or inside and the bar catchers are attached between the front and rear posts as a cross brace. Both versions are height-adjustable to 29 different heights, so that you can adapt them optimally to your height and for different exercises such as bench press, squats or shoulder press

Lots of great details for your full-body workout at home

A highlight of the Taurus Power Cage Ultra Pro is the cable pull attached to the rear of the cage, which combines both a high and a low cable pull. With the high cable pull you can train your back and triceps. With the lower one you have the possibility to do exercises like rows (back) or bicep curls (biceps). You can easily complete the different exercises with the supplied accessories such as the curl and lat pull bar. The cable pull has enough space on the weight plate mounts for you to train with enough weight. These are loaded with 30 mm and 50 mm (with adapter) weight plates.

For an even more variable workout, the Ultra Pro has other suitable training stations in addition to the cable pull. At the top of the cage there is a pull-up bar with many different grip variants (overhand, lower hand, parallel grip). This allows you to do different variations of the pull-up, thereby engaging different muscles. In addition, a pull-up bar also makes it possible to carry out exercises for the abdominal muscles such as leg raises and windshield wipers. As an additional attachment, you will receive a dip station with two different grip widths, which you can attach to the front of the Power Cage at variable heights. Dips train either the triceps or the chest, depending on how you do them. In both variants, the shoulder, elbow or forearm muscles are also strengthened.

Another special feature of the Taurus Power Cage Ultra Pro is the land mine on the front right. The Landmine is a swivel mount for 50mm barbells that allows you to perform a variety of exercises for your legs, back, shoulders and core. If you also like to train with resistance bands, the pull-up bar or the posts are suitable as attachment options.

A selection of exercises that can be trained on the Taurus Power Cage Ultra Pro

Barbell on the J-hooks and bar catchers
  • Lunges (legs)
  • Barbell rows (back)
  • Shrugs (shoulder, neck)

Cable pull
  • Lat pulldown and standing pulldown (back)
  • Front and side raises (shoulders)

Landmine/ Core Trainer
  • Russian Twist (tcore)
  • Thruster (legs + shoulders)
For some of the exercises listed you will need additional equipment such as a weight bench, barbell bar and weight plates.
Taurus Power Cage Ultra Pro AwardsTaurus Power Cage Ultra Pro Awards

Manual Taurus-PC-PRO

For further information on the warranty, please refer to the manufacturer's terms of warranty. The manufacturer's warranty is an extra service and does not affect your statutory rights.

Manufacturer's warranty Full warranty
Home use 2 years
Semiprofessional use 12 months
Professional use 6 months

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Absolute Kaufempfehlung
0 persons found this review helpful
Nach einer super kompetenten Beratung vor Ort wurde ich auch von zuhause (per Email und Telefon) aus weiter gut beraten und konnte mir so eine kleine Auswahl für mein Homegym zusammenstellen. Den Power Cage Ultra kann ich jedem empfehlen, der mit einer Station gerne alles in einem haben möchte. Die Lieferung erfolgte wie angekündigt. Der Aufbau war schnell und einfach zu bewerkstelligen (auch für mich als Frau überhaupt kein Problem mit Unterstützung eines Helfers, der mir die Teile festhielt ;)). Auch die Reklamation eines kleinen Teilchens verläuft unkompliziert und prakmatisch. Vielen Dank dafür! Erste Trainigsversuche wurden bereits gestartet und ich freue mich jetzt auf die rege Nutzung des Cages. Positiv überrascht bin ich inbesondere auch über den Kabelzug - hier hätte ich mehr Unsauberkeit in der Übertragung erwartet. Von daher absolute Kaufempfehlung von mir!... [Read more]
0 persons found this review helpful
Lieferung dauerte etwas lange, was uns aber nicht störte, da wir es bei der Bestellung schon wussten, Aufbauanleitung ist etwas verbesserungswürdig, aber der Cage ist einfach top
Top Service
0 persons found this review helpful
Der Kundenservice ist sehr hilfsbereit und beantwortet zügig die Fragen zum Produkt.
0 persons found this review helpful
Har alt hvad jeg skal bruge for at træne hele kroppen, aldrig mere et fyldt fitnesscenter, endda bedre kvalitet end hvad jeg synes man får i mange af dem
Excellente cage !
0 persons found this review helpful
J'ai acquis cette cage pour des entraînements à domicile d'une fréquence de 3 à 4 entraînements par semaine. Cette cage répond à l'ensemble de mes attentes et est d'une excellente qualité. La seule limite aux exercices possibles est notre imagination !
Kaufberatung Cage
0 persons found this review helpful
Die Kaufberatung durch den Geschäftsführer im Freiburger Shop war absolut top: Fachlich sehr kompetent, unaufdringlich (auch als ich zu Beginn der Corona-Krise aufgrund verlängerter Lieferzeit von einer Bestellung zurücktrat; nun kam ich gerne zurück und habe bestellt) und sehr zuverlässig.
0 persons found this review helpful
ich verwende es für den Heimgebrauch und dafür ist das Power Rack perfekt. Super Stabil und absolut ausreichend. Kann ich weiter empfehlen.
Ideal fürs Homegym
1 person found this review helpful
Der Power Cage Ultra Pro ist ideal als All-in-One Lösung fürs Homegym geeignet. Der Cage ist sehr robust, wodurch man sich keine Sorgen um die Stabilität machen muss. Besonders erfreut bin ich über die großzügigen Innenmaße. Auch Ausfallschritte mit der Langhantel können innerhalb des Cages und dadurch mit maximaler Sicherheit durchgeführt werden, ohne dabei Einbußen bei der Flexibilität hinzunehmen. Versand ging trotz Corona schneller als erwartet. Als Erweiterung lohnt sich eine Langhantel, eine Hantelbank und natürlich entsprechende Gewichte, die Gym Mitgliedschaft konnte ich inzwischen dank des Cages kündigen!... [Read more]
Mooi en degelijk
0 persons found this review helpful
We hebben deze power cage net aangeschaft, dus ik kan nog niet zoveel zeggen over het gebruik. Maar ik kan nu al zeggen dat deze erg mooi oogt en zeer degelijk is. Je hebt uiteindelijk wel veel ruimte nodig.
0 persons found this review helpful
Gut: * lässt sich alleine in 3 Stunden aufbauen, ALLERDINGS ist dann etwas Geschick erforderlich * beinhaltet alles was man für ein ordentliches Training benötigt * soweit stabil und robust * genug Platz Richtung Latzug für eine Bank zum Schrägbankdrücken Verbesserungspotential: * das Schraubenpaket sollte noch korrekt beschriftet werden mit der Anleitungsnummer, bei anderen Taurus Produkten ist das besser ausgeführt, hier leider nicht was bei fast gleichen Schrauben zur Verwechslung führen kann * die Sicherheitsarme könnten, wie auch die Hooks, mit Hartplastik auf der Auflage bestückt sein um die Hantel besser zu schonen Das Rack ist zwar eher hochpreisig angesiedelt, allerdings erhält man dafür auch etwas mit dem auch die nächste Generation noch trainieren kann wenn man such gut darum kümmert. Man sollte es als Investition in die eigene Gesundheit und aller Mittrainierenden sehen. 5/5 Klare Kaufempfehlung. ... [Read more]

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