Taurus Vibro Relax Massager

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Taurus Vibro Relax Massager

Taurus Vibro Relax Massager

Relieve muscle tension in a targeted and effective way!
  • Handy massager optimal handling thanks to its great ergonomic design
  • 3 intensity levels Massage according to your needs
Taurus Vibro Relax Massager 3 intensity levels

3 intensity levels

Thanks to the three different intensity levels, you can adjust the massage device to your needs. You can treat your muscles and fascia with up to 2800 strokes / minute.
Taurus Vibro Relax Massager Several application areas

Several application areas

As the Taurus Relax Vibro Massager has a power of up to 2800 strokes / minute, the deep muscles are massaged as well as the surface muscles. This means that this massager can be used on several areas of the body to relieve tension and muscle soreness, promote faster rehabilitation and perform trigger point massage.
Taurus Vibro Relax Massager Simple and Uncomplicated to Use

Simple and Uncomplicated to Use

Thanks to its well-thought-out design, you can easily operate the massage device without any prior technical knowledge. The three intensity levels can be quickly changed at the push of a button on the handle and on the rear of the device.
Taurus Vibro Relax Massager Handy massager

Handy massager

Thanks to its impressive ergonomic design, the Taurus Relax Vibro Massager sits comfortably in your hand. It is also very light, with a weight of 750 g. This means that everyone can use this massager, without their arm getting tired during the massage. It also makes it easier to massage hard-to-reach areas of the body.
Taurus Vibro Relax Massager An almost noiseless massage

An almost noiseless massage

Despite the performance of up to 2800 strokes / minute, the Taurus Relax Vibro Massager is pleasantly quiet, even at the highest intensity. So you can sit comfortably on the couch during your treatment and enjoy your favourite series without disturbing background noises.
Taurus Vibro Relax Massager 5 different attachments for an effective massage

5 different attachments for an effective massage

To make sure that your massage is particularly effective, the Taurus Relax Vibro Massager comes with five different attachments. This means that you always have the option of using the most suitable attachment for each area of the body.

  • Small, stylish vibration massager with 3 massage levels
  • Treat yourself! With the small massager from Taurus, you can treat yourself to a little massage break at any time.
  • Well equipped: the massage gun has 5 different attachments. So you can adapt the massage to the area of the body and get the training effect you want.
  • Nice and quiet: you can watch TV during the massage, for example.
  • Many areas of application, including: relieving tension, relieving sore muscles, faster rehabilitation, massaging trigger points, improving mobility, loosening fascia adhesions, improving blood circulation, relieving pain.
  • Pain relief
  • Portable: first of all, the mini massager looks very chic, is very lightweight and comes in a practical transport bag. No matter where you are going, you don't have to go without your massage gun.
  • Technical data:
    • Rated voltage: DC 16.8 V
    • Nominal frequency: 20 – 46.67 Hz
    • Battery life: 3 – 5 h
    • Charger: 16.8 V 0.4 A
    • Amplitude: 8 mm
    • Motor power: 20 W
  • Vibration levels:
    • Level 1: 1200 / min | 20 Hz
    • Level 2: 2000 / min | 33.33 Hz
    • Level 3: 2800 / min | 46.67 Hz
  • Strong motor: the motor delivers a strong performance – even with higher pressure on the body, the vibration does not slow down.
  • Incl. charging parts
  • Long-life lithium-ion battery

Taurus Relax Vibro Massager: simple and effective massage with 3 intensity levels

With the Taurus Relax Vibro-Massager, you choose how your massage should be, as this massager has three different intensity levels. You can massage your muscles with either 1200 (level 1), 2000 (level 2) or 2800 strokes / minute (level 3) and thereby adapt the massage to your personal well-being. Thanks to the high number of strokes per minute, a massage with this Taurus device not only massages the superficial muscles but also the deeper muscle layers. This means that even deep-seated tissue and muscle problems can be treated. The time needed for rehabilitation of the treated muscle can also be shortened by a massage; this can lead to a reduction in muscle soreness after intensive training sessions. You can also use the Taurus Relax Vibro Massager to treat agglutinated and twisted fascia, which can cause discomfort. In addition, a deep tissue massage with this massager can promote your mobility and blood circulation.

You can easily adjust the three intensity levels on the handle using the on / off switch or a button on the back of the device. The level you are at is indicated by luminous dots on the handle and luminous lines on the back of the device. Thanks to its ergonomic design, you don't need a great understanding of technology to enjoy a simple and uncomplicated massage.

Handy massager

The Taurus Relax Vibro Massager not only impresses because it is so easy to adjust the number of strokes to your needs, but also because it is so lightweight. At just 750 grams, this massager is much lighter than other massage devices. An advantage of this is that your arm won't get tired, even after a long massage. This allows you to massage your muscles very intensively and without interruption. Furthermore, this massage device can be gripped easily thanks to its ergonomic design, which makes it much easier to treat hard-to-reach areas of the body.

Massage and relax on the couch with your favourite series

Although the Taurus vibro massager has a power of up to 2800 strokes / minute, there is no unpleasant noise, even at the highest level. This gives you the opportunity to sit on the couch and watch your favourite series during the massage. This not only relaxes your muscles but also your mind.

A wide range of accessories for targeted massage

The Taurus Relax Vibro Massager includes five different attachments in the scope of delivery, so that you can enjoy an optimal massage of your muscles. This gives you the opportunity to use the right attachment for each area of the body, so that the massage can be as targeted as possible. You can use the ball attachment for massaging trigger points or large muscle groups, the flat attachment for large areas of the body, so that pressure is applied evenly, and the U attachment for areas of the body where tendons or bones are also massaged, such as the neck muscles or the muscles next to the spine. Also available are the finger attachment for the targeted massage of trigger points and fasciae, and the scoop attachment for massaging the soles of the feet. The massager and accessories are supplied in a practical carrying case, so you can easily take the device with you wherever you go.

Manual Taurus Massager-2

For further information on the warranty, please refer to the manufacturer's terms of warranty. The manufacturer's warranty is an extra service and does not affect your statutory rights.

Manufacturer's warranty Full warranty
Home use 2 years

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0 persons found this review helpful
Mein Sohn ist von dem Gerät zur Massage von Verspannungen nach dem Training begeistert. Robustes, leicht zu bedienendes Gerät.
Handliches Massagegerät
0 persons found this review helpful
Hallo, ich finde das Taurus Massagegerät gut zu handhaben, da es sehr handlich ist. Teilweise läuft die Massage-Vibration nicht richtig rund.
0 persons found this review helpful
Top, läuft sehr gut, schön leise, hat ordentlich Power und liegt gut in der Hand.
Sehr leise und kraftvoll
0 persons found this review helpful
Ein wirklich tolles Gerät. Anfänglich muss man sich ein wenig an die Vibrationen gewöhnen, aber nach kurzer Eingewöhnung schafft das Gerät wirklich Abhilfe. Ich habe nach einer Schulter OP vor einem Jahr immer noch Verspannungen und Schmerzen, doch nach der Behandlung mit dem Gerät sind diese (zumindest vorübergehend) weg und ich kann den Arm besser bewegen. Besonders beeindruckt bin ich von der Kraft des Gerätes, was aber kaum Geräusche macht. Sehr angenehm und sogar beim Fernsehen zu benutzen ;-) Ich kann für dieses Massagegerät nur eine voll umfängliche Empfehlung aussprechen!... [Read more]
Ein perfektes Geschenk
0 persons found this review helpful
Ich habe dieses Teil für meine Frau bestellt, weil sie immer wieder unter starken Verspannungen litt. Dieses Massagegerät schafft Abhilfe. Einfach genial. Die Frau ist glücklich. Was will man(n) mehr ;-). Das Gerät mit den verschiedenen Aufsätzen trifft jeden Punkt im Körper. Wirklich eine Erleichterung!
0 persons found this review helpful
Denne massagepistol giver mig god massage efter en hård kamp om aftenen. Den er rigtig god til at løsne op, fordi den kommer dybt ind og masserer, alt efter hvilken massagedel, man sætter på.
Entspannung garantiert
0 persons found this review helpful
Einfach Top!!!
0 persons found this review helpful
Aus meiner Sicht das beste Gerät
0 persons found this review helpful
God og kraftig maskine. Tøjsvag, let. Masserer i dybden. Gode variationsmuligheder med de forskellige intensitetsniveauer, alt efter hvor øm man er, så kan de lavere intensitetsniveauer være gode til at løsne op, og så kan de hårde intensiteter gå ind og få ordentlig fat bagefter. Jeg er meget glad for denne massagepistol.
0 persons found this review helpful
Rigtig fin massage pistol, som virkelig har overrasket mig i kvalitet kontra investering. Den er virkelig en kraftfuld lille maskine på trods af at have en ret lav pris. Den ser derudover stilfuld ud, hvilket også betyder noget, synes jeg.

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