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whole body workouts
torso workouts
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whole body workouts
torso workouts
leg workouts
whole body workouts
torso workouts
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Trainingspartner Crosstrainer

Crosstrainers / Ellipticals

Crosstrainer are excellent for joint-gentle, effective stamina training and weight reduction.
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Trainingspartner Ergometer


Exercise bikes and ergometer are classic training machines for homeuse. Ergometers are electronically adjusted and are characterized by a precise load capacity regulation. 
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Trainingspartner Laufbänder


Several fitness goals are realized while exercising on a treadmill. Besides the improvement of general condition, treadmills support optimally fat reduction and strengthen leg and back muscles. 
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Trainingspartner Rudergeräte

Rowing machines

Rowing, the efficient cardiovascular workout, strengthens musculature and influences positively the fat metabolism at the same time. 
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Trainingspartner Vibrationsplatten

Vibration plates

Vibration training has been developed during the 1960s. Originally used in Russian space travel, vibration training has become a popular training form for fitness and rehabilitation nowadays. 
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Trainingspartner Kraftstationen


Multi-gyms offer varied possibilities to increase muscle strength and strength stamina. 
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Trainingspartner Hantelbänke

Weight benches

Our weight benches are classics of the fitness training, which are offered in different price categories for dumbbell and barbell bar training. 
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Trainingspartner Balance-Boards

Balance / coordination

Balanceboards and coordination plates make a lot of fun and provide positive training effects. Balance, body feeling, motor activity, and strength can be improved. 
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Trainingspartner Sportuhren

Sports watches/puls mointors

Our sports watches offer a lot of functions - starting with simple stop watches to functional pulse monitors with heart rate measurement and complex instruments with GPS, compass, altimeter, and pc-interface. 
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Trainingspartner Krafttrainingszubehör

Strength training accessory

Strength training accessory offers ideal support for your workout - training gloves, grip/lifting straps, weightlifting belts, ankle/wrist weights, stand for weight plates, and bars and many more. 
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Trainingspartner Trainingsmatten

Training mats/gymnastics mats

The choice of the appropriate training mat or gymnastics mat is important for enjoying an active motion and to do sports. The training feeling is increased - you exercise more often, longer, and more comfortable.
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Trainingspartner Trainingsbälle

Gymnastics balls

Gymnastics balls offer several possibilities to be used, i.e. for prevention and therapy, fitness workouts, and as a sitting ball. 
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