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  • Premium percussive massager from Theragun
  • Long amplitude of 16 mm for deep treatment
  • Goes up to 60% deeper into the tissue than standard massage devices
  • Adjustable massage arm
  • Powerful motor (power progression up to 30 kg)
  • Bluetooth® enabled
  • Significantly quieter than its predecessor, with no loss of function or quality
  • Ergonomic handle ensures the best possible handling and relief for you as the user
  • Helps to:
    • Relieve pain
    • Loosen tension
    • Loosen induration
    • Work on trigger points
    • Relieve discomfort from sore muscles
    • Improved rehabilitation
    • Fascia treatment
    • Promotes blood circulation
    • Improved mobility
    • Light and strong massages
  • OLED screen
  • Variable speed levels from 1750 to 2400 strokes per minute
  • Wireless charging
  • 6 very high-quality, sweat- and water-repellent massage attachments for various treatment methods and muscle groups
  • The Theragun app improves the customer experience considerably
  • After exercise (for example jogging, soccer or weight training) the Theragun app shows you which muscle groups you should work on, and how
  • Force tracker: shows you the force / pressure generated on the device or after the treatment in the app in real time
  • Includes:
    • 2 lithium-ion batteries (battery life 150 minutes each)
    • 6 very high quality attachments (damper, standard ball, wedge, thumb, cone, supersoft attachment)
    • Transport box
    • Lithium-ion battery charger

The measure of all things, the Theragun Pro massage device is in a league of its own

The Theragun Pro not only impresses the “Fittest Man on Earth” – Matt Fraser – it should win you over, too. The extremely powerful motor, long amplitude of 16 mm and ergonomic handle make tension, induration, etc. yesterday's news.
The Theragun Pro goes up to 60% deeper into the tissue and helps to provide a very effective and effective muscle treatment.
Thanks to these numerous advantages, Theragun brand products are now used by many physiotherapists in their treatment sessions.

Your new partner for all aspects of training

Do you take part in sport and want to be in tip-top condition and warmed up before an intensive session? - The Theragun Pro massager is the solution, because it really works the fascia and muscles, so that you are ready to perform at your best. And even after training, the Theragun Pro is the first choice, because recuperation is one of the most important things in sport. Here, the Theragun Pro helps to promote and accelerate rehabilitation. It can also help to increase mobility.

The smart massager

With its app, Theragun has another flagship product that takes the massager user experience to the next level.
Did you have a strenuous workout or a long hike? - The app shows you which muscle groups/areas of the body should be treated and how.
You will be amazed how much the Theragun massage device can improve your well-being and therefore your everyday life.

Developed for professionals, made for everyone

The Theragun Pro is suitable for everyone, regardless of whether you just want to enjoy a relaxing massage or a sophisticated muscle treatment. Whether you're an athlete or a physiotherapist, this massage device is popular among all users. Thanks to the ergonomic handle and adjustable massage arm, you will receive an effective, individual treatment every time.
The massager's powerful and smooth-running motor guarantees that hardly any vibrations are transferred to the arm holding the device.

This "game changer" for well-being is sure to impress you.

For further information on the warranty, please refer to the manufacturer's terms of warranty. The manufacturer's warranty is an extra service and does not affect your statutory rights.

Manufacturer's warranty Full warranty
Home use 2 years

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Super Investition in die Gesundheit, einfach klasse das neue PRO Modell. Hatte schon den Vorgänger aber durch die ganzen Verbesserungen musste ich auch die neue Theragun bestellen :). Somit haben wir nun 2 in der Familie, beide sind quasi ständig im Gebrauch. Die App ist wirklich klasse, ebenso ist der leise Motor wirklich bemerkenswert ohne Kraft zu verlieren.
Mittlerweile sind so viele Produkte und Marken auf dem diesem Markt, allerdings zahlt sich der Preis bei Theragun aus, wenn man diese wirklich effektiv und intensiv nutzen will. Das Pro Modell ist so stark und kommt durch die länge des Massagearms in jedes Gewebe und löst jeden Triggerpunkt! Den Softaufsatz finde ich auch echt cool, hiermit kann auch problemlos über Knochen massieren. Nutze sie täglich entweder zum Warup vorm Sport oder als Entspannung
Wow, die Theragun ist einfach klasse! Habe vorher schon andere Massagegeräte genutzt, allerdings bin ich nie tief genug ins gewebe gekommen, wie es beispielsweise ein Physiotherapeut mit den Händen konnte. Mit der Pro Modell der Theragun ist dies anders. der Motor ist so stark und die Amplitude von 16mm so tief, dass die Behandlung einfach nur mega ist. nutze sie jeden Tag und fühlte mich direkt nach der 1. Nutzung besser! Selbst eine schöne, etspannte Massage ist möglich.

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