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Togu Balance and coordination

(15 Products)
Togu has always offered a wide and essential range of training devices, which serve the balance and coordination. A real classic is the half-round Togu Jumper. The well-known product at gyms and physiotherapies is a highly effective training device for stabilising the body and for building core muscles.
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Togu Fascia training & massage roller

The fascia rollers of Togu can be flexibly used. No matter if it's before or after the sports. The rolling of a massage roller relaxes the muscles. The Togu Bodyroll comes in a practical double pack, so that two body sites can be massaged simultaneously.
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Togu Gymnastics balls

(10 Products)
The exercise balls of Togu are of versatile use. On the one hand, they support an upright sitting position, which relieves back pains. With the Powerball ABS, you can do fitness exercises additionally in order to strengthen trunk and abdominal muscles. Togu exercise balls are available in different colours and sizes, in general.
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Togu Stepboards

Improve your individual fitness and train coordination and posture with the Togu Aero-Step XL. The flexible air cushion is equipped with a big tread and a patented two-chamber system. The company Togu is specialised in balance and coordination training.
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Togu Accessory gymnastics

(7 Products)
The German manufacturer Togu offers a number of practical accessory for its most well-known products. The Togu ball case safes the stability for the popular exercise balls. The ball pump allows an always air-filled training and comfortable sitting.
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Togu Accessory strength training

The hand traininer Brasil is a nice accessory for strengthening the muscles of forearm and fingers. The core muscles are additionally activated doing a training with the Brasil and it is excellent for group training or for the use at rehab.
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Togu - Customer ratings

  • Togu ABS Powerball Challenge

    Chris Pratt 3.2.2020 - Togu ABS Powerball Challenge

    Prompt delivery - ball functions as it should - very satisfied.

  • Togu ABS Powerball Challenge

    Chris Pratt 3.2.2020 - Togu ABS Powerball Challenge

    Prompt delivery - ball functions as it should - very satisfied.

  • Togu Ball Cup

    Anonym 26.11.2016 - Togu Ball Cup

    Very basic product but does the job of stopping our gym balls running around the floor.

  • Togu Jumper

    Éanna Kiely 2.12.2015 - Togu Jumper

    This Togu Jumper is incredible it really is. It makes exercise fun and is fantastic for balance and strength. I cannot recommend it enough. Even with the price of €150 it is totally worth it.

  • Togu Dynair Senso Ball Cushion

    Azadeh 9.4.2013 - Togu Dynair Senso Ball Cushion

    I've been using the cushion for almost a week now. I basically bought it to sit on it (and not to exercise with it) because of my back and neck problems and the fact that I have to sit in front of the computer the whole day. I try to do the movements that are shown in the video advertisement for the cushion while I'm behind my desk but honestly I haven't noticed any change in my pain. Maybe it's a bit early to judge. It also looks a bit weird to keep moving while sitting in the office :) but if it's going to help me get rid of the pain then I really don't care.

  • Togu Dynair Senso Ball Cushion

    Michele Zundo 11.9.2012 - Togu Dynair Senso Ball Cushion

    This low cost wobbly cushion is effective tool for both balancing exercise (e.g. stabilisation for knee and back problems) as well as for sitting on it at the office to keep back straight. In many months of usage I did not have any puncture.

  • Togu Dynair Senso Ball Cushion

    Денис Майоров 11.9.2012 - Togu Dynair Senso Ball Cushion

    Excellent training apparatus for development of sense of the equilibrium and training of muscles of a body! Compact, takes not enough place in apartment. Despite simplicity - it is very effective. The elementary training - simply to rise on a training apparatus and to keep balance. Thus even it is possible to watch TV :)

The company Togu is the specialist for top products in health, fitness, rehabilitation, and wellness. The innovative and well thought-out solutions offer the basis for staying fit and for the personal well-being. Togu offers products for all age groups: for children for learning to move, for adults who are living life to the full, and for seniors for staying young and fit.

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