TomTom - always in pace with the times
TomTom is not only one of the leading companies in the development of navigation systems for public transport; it also produces high-quality and precise GPS sports watches for versatile use in the fitness sector. Creating innovative products that allow sports fans of different ages and experience levels to optimise their workouts and reach their athletic goals even better is the company's motto. Whether you are a passionate jogger, hobby cyclist, or professional swimmer – TomTom GPS sports watches are the ideal support to make your own workout more transparent and efficient.
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TomTom GPS sports watches: great functionality in an exceptional design

At the same time, the intuitive control menu of a GPS sports watch offers quick and easy access. Characteristic of a sports watch by TomTom is its special and modern design: it makes it a product that not only can do a lot but also looks good. A special highlight when using a GPS sports watch by TomTom is the interactive connection with the company's portal, "My Sports". There, workout data can easily be uploaded, analysed, and shared with family, friends, or colleagues using Bluetooth Smart or the USB docking station included.

TomTom: from start-up to global player

TomTom was founded in 1991. From the beginning, the focus has been on developing technologies that are accessible to everyone. TomTom started with the development of mobile applications for the B2B sector and personal digital assistants (PDAs) for private consumers. In just two years after its founding, TomTom rose to become the leading provider of PDA software with navigation functions. Since 2013, TomTom has been releasing its own brands of GPS sports watches. Starting as a Dutch start-up, TomTom is now a multinational company with over 4000 employees.
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