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Did you know...

… that Vibration training addresses
of our MusclEs?

Vibration training has its origin in aerospace technology. The aim was to prevent muscular dystrophy and osteoporosis in long-term astronauts by biomechanical stimulation in the form of whole body vibration. In the 70s, vibration training was then used as a form of training and therapy for competitive gymnastics more and more and gained increasing importance. Recent sport scientific studies suggest that vibration training has a positive effect on maximum strength, springiness and plyometrics, as well as muscular endurance and strength endurance. According to studies, an increase in muscle strength of up to 40% can be achieved. In regard to springiness, plyometrics and strength endurance it is almost 10% and in regard to muscular endurance approximately 20%. Furthermore, vibration training can have the following effects:

  • muscle toning (=reduction of cellulite)

  • fat burn

  • increased bone density

  • improved circulation

  • improved flexibility

Strengthmaster vibration plate VX300 (Modell 2009)

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