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    Vision Fitness treadmills offer you a running training of high level. Vision treadmills are equipped with stron motors (at least 2.75 HP continuous output) and thus guarantee an even acceleration. The Ultra-Zone Cushioning absorption system is very joint-gentle. You can choose between foldable and non-foldable models of the Vision treadmills.

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Vision-Fitness started as a division of the Trek Bicycle Company, one of the world's largest manufacturers of quality outdoor bicycles. Since 1996 the fitness segment has been concentrating, as the independent Vision-Fitness company, on continuing to introduce innovative fitness products into the market.
It is corporate policy to put as much quality and value into the product as possible and to offer the same combination of quality , value and high-grade functionality that was responsible for making the founding company the supplier of bicycles that is highest in demand in the U.S. Vision-Fitness uses only high-grade components in order to allow for a most effective training.
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