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At home or at gym: wall bars are a classic !

Everybody knows it from the gym: wall bars. The classic training wall is also very good as fitness device at home. Many exercises can be done on wall bars - ideal for fitness training at home. This includes gymnastics, stretching and simple strength exercises.

As the highest bar of wall bars juts out a bit, in general, hanging exercises can be done with it. It is perfect, when you want to stretch or do something againts a tensed back. When you use the wall bars together with a sling trainer, you already have a little fitness unit for Functional Training.

Simple, elegant, and enormously effective !

Wall bars adapt perfectly to the modern living environment with their elegant wood design. NOHrD Wall Bars, i.e., look as elegant as a piece of furniture with their very precious materials.

Ideal for gyms and home fitness: wall bars demand only small space. It is mounted on the wall and juts only few centimeters out into the room. You just need some more space in front of the fitness equipment to do your exercises. As wall bars are made of renewable resources, it does not burden the environment. This emphasizes the natural and lasting gymnastics training on wall bars.

Wall bars can be excellently upgraded !

There is a lot of accessory for wall bars - for a more varied training. You can hook in an adaptor to do chin-ups or dips. This makes your fitness wall an excellent torso trainer.

Furthermore, you can loop an expander or physio tubes around the bars to do light strength training exercises. When you clamp your legs behind a bar, you can use the wall bars for crunches or sit ups. In order to make these exercises more challenging, do them on an incline bench. This is available at Sport-Tiedje as separate accessory. Purchasing wall bars, you get an incomparable, elegant, and easy fitness equipment for home sport.
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