WaterRower Rowing Machine M1 HiRise

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Sport-Tiedje Expert Review
  • Rowing ergometer for upscale private and commercial use!
  • The most natural rowing movement on the market!!!
  • Frame, rail and feet are made out of aluminium
  • The HiRise version - now with a 52cm raised construction
  • Resistance is generated via a water-wheel: the harder you pull, the higher the resistance. The actual dynamics of rowing is ideally simulated. The intensity increases depending upon your speed and determining naturally the pace. The base resistance is infinitely variable via the amount of water filled into the tank!
  • The base resistance can be seamlessly adjusted with the amount of water filled into the tank
  • LCD display: training distance, Watt, stroke rate, total distance, heart rate (in combination with a Polar receiver)
  • Pulse is measured via a chest strap monitor (optional):
    A Polar receiver and a Polar compatible chest strap is required (available as separate accessories).
  • Results of a 6 week (training) study on a WaterRower rowing machine:
    - Significant improvement of cardio fitness
    - Reduction of body fat percentage
    - Improvement of subjective well-being regarding state of health and fitness level
  • Max. user weight: 185 kg
  • Dimensions set-up - WaterRower Rowing Machine M1 HiRise: (L) 223 cm x (W) 56 cm x (H) 69 cm

WaterRower Rowing Machine M1 HiRise: an aluminium rower with an elevated seat position

The WaterRower Rowing Machine M1 HiRise is an excellent rowing machine that combines strength and cardio training. Produced from aluminium, the M1 HiRise has a clean timeless design and is easy to maintain. Perfect for use in a rowing club or gym.

The M1 HiRise is especially equipped with anti-slip feet that raise the seat position to a comfortable 51cm (the M1 LoRise has a seat position of 33.5cm). That makes getting on and off the rowing machine much easier, especially useful for larger or older users or also for people with mobility problems.

M1 HiRise with the well-established WaterRower components

The M1 HiRise is equipped with everthing that characterises a WaterRower. First point being the natural water resistance system, that realistically simulates the dynamics of rowing on water. The stroke movement is very comfortable and exceptionally balanced. The biggest advantage of the water resistance is that the intensity of the workout is directly controlled by the power of the stroke, meaning the resistance regulates automatically without the need to interrupt your training.

The maximum user weight of 180kg, showing that the M1 HiRise is of gym quality. The ergonomic seat glides silently over the stable, double guide rails. On the S4 performance monitor you can enter in the parameters of your training and you'll have all the important training data such as: stroke rate, time and distance in view. In combination with a chest strap monitor you'll be able to measure your heart rate. Also perfect for training at home, the WaterRower can be easily moved thanks to the transport wheels and vertically stored out of the way.


For further information on the warranty, please refer to the manufacturer's terms of warranty. The manufacturer's warranty is an extra service and does not affect your statutory rights.

Manufacturer's warranty Full warranty
Home use 24 months
Semiprofessional use 24 months
Professional use 24 months

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Sport-Tiedje Expert Review

WaterRower Rudergerät M1 HiRise
0 persons found this review helpful
Das Produkt kann ich sehr empfehlen, es wurde zur Unterstützung und Kräftigung unserer Beweglichkeit angeschafft. Der Aufbau war problemlos. Das Gerät wird täglich genutzt und spart den Gang ins Fitnessstudio.
0 persons found this review helpful
Ich habe mir das Rudergerät gekauft und bin bislang sehr zufrieden. Für den Aufbau habe ich ca. 2 Stunden benötigt. Für die Schrauben zwischen dem Rahmen des WaterRowers und der "Fußablage" habe ich sehr lang gebraucht, da sich die Montage der Schrauben hier unnötig kompliziert gestaltete, da die Schrauben nicht richtig greifen wollten. An dieser Stelle habe ich am meisten Zeit benötigt. Dieses Problem ist mir schon in anderen Bewertungen zu diesem Produkt aufgefallen. Hier könnte der Hersteller nachbessern. Allerdings ließ sich der Rest ganz gut zusammen bauen und die mitgelieferte Ratsche war sehr hilfreich dabei. Die Lautstärke vom WaterRower ist vollkommen in Ordnung. Das geplätscher vom Wasser empfinde ich als sehr angenehm. Der Waterwower ist meiner Meinung nach besser als manche Geräte, die ich bislang in Studios getestet habe. Von der Verarbeitung her würde ich schätzen, dass das Gerät auch bei regelmäßiger Benutzung eine sehr lange Lebensdauer hat. Das Display ist gut lesbar und zeigt alle nötigen Werte an. Selbst die Herzfrequenz kann man sich mit dem Zusatz eines Polar Herzfrequenzempfänger anzeigen lassen.... [Read more]

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