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Weight bench

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Sport-Tiedje puts each fitness equipment through its paces. Then our team of sports scientists, serious athletes, and service technicians of many years of experience evaluate the products of different categories. Compare easily the products using the Sport-Tiedje test judgement and find your appropriate equipment.
The equipment of a weight bench consists of the construction (i.e., flat bench, incline bench), the quality of upholstery as well as extras like biceps curlpult, transport wheels or lifting handles .
Furthermore, some weight benches are equiped with extended training units like integrated or free weight racks incl. dumbbell/barbell sets. The training comfort of well-equiped weight benches is very high.
This criterion considers the options of adaption of single units to the exercising person. The quality of adjusting mechanisms is also taken into consideration for evaluating. The adjustability contributes to a higher variability while exercising. Correct joint angles optimize the course of motion and prevent false postures.
A great variety of exercises is achieved by the number of exercising possibilities for different parts of the body. Adjustable weight benches with extended training units achieve optimum values.
A sturdy construction with high frame thickness provide stability for the weight bench. In addition, own weight, set-up area, and general workmanship are considered. A sturdy weight bench is not just durable - it is also stable for intensive use and has a higher weight loadability.
Items per page:

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Pay attention to the exercising possibilities!

Hantelbank mit Ablage
Weight bench with rack
If you train, i. e., intensively the bench press with a barbell, the training bench should be preferably equipped with a weight rack, so you can do the training with the barbell bar safely. If you rather use dumbbells for your strength training exercises, a weight rack is not required.
Multifunktional Hantelbank
Multi-functional weight bank
Additional functions and attachments like butterfly or curlpult extend the exercising possibilities at home. Many weight benches are equipped with a multitude of adjusting possibilities and are thus often described as multi-functional training bench. Multi-functional weight benches can be used as flat bench or as positive incline bench (backrest folded up, head tilts up), and negative decline bench (head tilts down). What's important: Compare the quality of the adjusting mechanisms. Besides the simple plug systems, some manufacturers offer high-quality snap systems, which ensure a higher comfort and stability.

Weight bench purchase advice: The quality is decisive!

Hantelbank Polster
Weight bench upholstery
The quality of the weight bench is an important feature you should take into consideration for your decision. Pay attention to the quality of the used material and the workmanship quality of a weight bench purchasing a weight bench. High-quality machines are equipeed with a stabile frame made of steel, which is neatly welded. So just have a look at the welding seams when you visit a store! The upholsteries should be made of durable artificial leather and be thickly padded. The fixation of upholsteries on the frame of the training bench should be as sturdy as possible. Forces involved, which mainly affect laterally the single edges of the weight bench, need to compensated.

The weight bench user weight – how much should it be?

A weight bench should be as sturdy as possible especially for advanced users and experienced strength sport athletes. The maximum user weight for beginners should also be chosen so that sufficient space for training progress and increase in strength is given. A difference in indication of loadability of training benches is made between the maximum loadability (weight of the user plus used weights) and the maximum user weight (weight of the user).

Weight bench manufacturers in an overveiw: The most important brands.

The advantages of a Kettler weight bench.

Kettler Logo
Kettler weight benches are very popular due to their versatility, good quality, and functionality. Either for barbell training or dumbbell training, a Kettler weight bench is ideal. Some training benches of the popular manufacturer are equipped with wide-range training possibilities. Providing a device for bench press, lat pull, butterfly, and leg curl, these weight benches offer you the whole range of exercises and present complete home gyms. These weight benches offer a good quality and enormous training variety for starting weight training as well as for advanced sportsmen. The precious design upgrades your fitness room and makes the training an experience.

Highest quality: A Hoist weight bench.

Hoist Logo
A product of Hoist is the first choice when it is regarding training equipment of high quality. The machines convince gyms and hotel facilities by their quality without compromise - and Hoist also offers excellent weight benches of highest quality for ambitious and demanding leisure sportsmen. The products are carefully processed from best materials. The frame is made of heavy steel, which is neatly welded. Thus, the bench provides a phenomenal stability and sturdiness, which make it suitable for the use of highest weights!
Hoist Flat Bench
Hoist Flat Bench
The upholsteries of a Hoist weight bench are made of special artificial leather and are very hard-wearing. They guarantee a maximum lifespan and comfort during all strength training exercises. Multi-functional benches of Hoist are equipped with the most durable and safest system to do adjustments on the weight bench. And: The system is user-friendly and is quickly to adjust even between the training sessions. When you focus on a maximum loadability, a stable flat bench of Hoist is our recommendation: The legendary Hoist Flat Bench takes weights of unbelievably 450kg. This enormous stability is achieved by going without adjusting possibilities. Even for an intensive use at gym, these power packs resist every load. Do you include really heavy weights in your training plan? Then we recommend Hoist!

Finnlo weight bench - practical and stable.

Finnlo Logo
A weight bench of Finnlo is suitable for the training with free weights like dumbbells and barbells. Finnlo training benches can be extended by a barbell module, so that exercises of barbell training, i. e., bench press, can be done more comfortably and more effectively. Thanks to the high maximum user weight, Finnlo weight benches are sturdy and can be used for weight training with heavy training weights as well. Easy adjusting mechanisms facilitate the adjustment of the Finnlo weight bench and ensure that common strength training exercises can be done. The construction of the Finnlo machines is practical and offers you good training possibilities.

A Taurus weight bench for maximum Performance.

Taurus Logo
A Taurus weight bench offers a sportsman what is important for strength sports: performance. Taurus weight benches meet this requirement by integrating innovations and optimisations permanently into design and function. A high quality and user-friendliness at a perfect price-performance ratio are a successful result. Either for the private fitness room or the professional use at a gym - A Taurus weight bench fulfills the promise of long durability even for permanent use of high weights. A Taurus multi-functional bench is excellent for versatile exercises. Being used as an incline bench, i. e., you can especially train the upper chest muscles doing bench press. Vice versa, being used as negative bench, you reach the lower chest muscles very good doing bench press. We also offer you weight benches of the brand Taurus as indestructible flat bench. A stable flat bench is ideal for very ambitious sportsmen, whose requirements in strength sport demand a high performance of a weight bench. Some Taurus weight benches are available at very advantageous sets. Savec money by purchasing your weight bench new with weights.

The Sport-Tiedje test rating: That's how we check and evaluate a weight bench.

Our team of sports scientists, competitive athletes, and service technicians with an experience of many years, test the products in different categories. Compare the products easier with the Sport-Tiedje test rating and find thus the appropriate machine for your training. We use the following test criteria for the testing:
  1. Equipment: The equipment of a weight bench consists of the design (i. e., flat bench, incline bench), quality of upholstery as well as extras like the biceps curlpult, transport wheels or lifting handle. Furthermore, some machines are equipped with extended training modules like integrated or free weight racks incl. dumbbell or barbell bar in a set. The training comfort of well equipped weight benches is very high.
  2. Stability: A sturdy construction with high frame thickness gives the weight bench stability. In addition, the own weight, floor space, and the general workmanship are considered as well. A stable weight bench is not just durable - it stands safely even for intensive use and has a higher loadability for the use with high weights.
  3. Training variety: A great variety of exercises is achieved by the number of exercising possibilities for different body parts. Adjustable machines with extended training modules achieve best values here.
  4. Adjustability: This criterion considers the adjusting options of single modules to the user. The quality of adjusting mechanisms are taken into consideration in the rating. The adjustability contributes to a higher variability of the training. Correct joint angles optimise the course of motion and prevent malpositions.
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