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Have you heard...

...why functional training is so important for ball sports ?



Functional training describes training of free exercises for stabilization and health maintenance of the musculoskeletal system. The appropriate physical training gains more and more attention, because it has been integrated in each kind of sports - either leisure or professionl - as additional workout.

The appropriate workout includes basic movement patterns like running or jumping and trains, among others, springiness which is important for ball sports as well.

Either basketball, football, volleyball or handball - every kind of sport presents different challenges to the player. It is not raw muscle power which is focused on by most kind of sports, but the interplay of muscles. Risc of injuries can be reduced and performance can be increased by appropriate shaping of muscles.

There are kind of sport-crossing elements and types of training for preparing the athlete for the practical performance of his/her kind of sports. The functional training programs put the exercising person into an instable state and orientation, control, and stability of body weight are trained for sport specific courses of motion.

The athlete has to find a lot of strength for stability for being in air or during landing for a take-off (jump):

  • basketballer for lay-up
  • footballer for jump header
  • handballer for jump shot
  • volleyballer for blocks and attacks

Several muscles and joints are demanded for complex courses of motion. Functional training is trying to reproduce this complexity.

Exercises can be easily integrated in daily workouts without a lot of effort. 20 minutes of intensive stabilization training before sport-specific workout are enough to achieve trunk stability (deep abdominal and back muscles) as well as strengthening of hip, knee, and ankle muscles.

Functional training focuses on stabilization of the body and strengthening of muscle insertions, tendons, and joints. The trunk and its muscles play an important role for sturdiness of the body.

Exercises of functional training are extended by an instability or weight factor to increase intensity. Balance pads, gymnastics balls, medicine balls, Kettlebells, sling trainers, ball cushions or reaction belts can be selected.

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