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Sport-Tiedje puts each fitness equipment through its paces. Then our team of sports scientists, serious athletes, and service technicians of many years of experience evaluate the products of different categories. Compare easily the products using the Sport-Tiedje expert review and find your appropriate equipment.

The Kettlebell - a fitness device for many training effects

Kettlebells are in vogue. Many advantages, the training with ball weights is offering, were finally noticed with arising of the Functional Training. This effected their distribution and versatility.

Kettlebells are not just cast iron balls with a fixed bracket, they are training devices and an important part of the Functional Training. There are ball weights of multi-colour, precious, soft grey or of classic metal look. Kettlebells are a must for every training room. For a good reason: exercising with them is varied, versatile, and effective.

What are special features of Kettlebell training ?

Ball weights are free weights, by which not only isolated muscles are exercised but whole muscle groups are demanded. Many Kettlebell exercises are strength as well as coordination training. Aim of the Kettlebell training is a complete increase in physical performance. Many training aims can be achieved with Kettlebell workout:

  • Building functional strength and explosive power
  • Increased stability and better posture by exercising the trunk muscles
  • Improvement of cardiovascular system as well as tendons and ligaments
  • Support of muscle building

Kettlebells are real allrounders for Functional Fitness. Besides strength, stamina and flexibility, coordination as well as body control are improved.

Purchase Kettlebells - Which differencees are there ?

Though the round training weights are based upon the same principle, differences can be found in many details. Differences of pure visual nature or can even effect the training. In order to support you in your purchase decision, we present you the most important differences of Kettlebells:

  • The most important difference is the weight. Our offer includes Kettlebells from 2kg to a max of 40kg. The user can decide according to experience and strength, which weight class is most suitable.
  • The Kettlebell material is mostly cast iron or steel for models of higher quality. The Sport-Tiedje PVC Kettlebells present a special innovation because of their PVC material and convince by their price-performance ratio, shock resistance, and versatility.
  • Handles of weights influence training effects. Thicker handles strengthen the grip strength, i.e.. The grip surfaces can be rough or even.
  • Kettlebells with a Vinyl jacket protect the floor from scratches and dents and give visual main points. A pure ball weight without jacket looks more martial.
  • There are also models of variable weight: The Sport-Tiedje Adjustable Kettlebell can be individually equipped with weight plates and the weight is individually chosen.
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