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Aerobic barbells - hot iron for strong muscles

Aerobic barbells are mainly used for strength-stamina training and muscle building. This type of weights is known from training types like bodypump or Hot Iron. Exercising with aerobic barbells is done with a high number of repetitions and presents a very demanding strength training. The target is to mainly demand main muscle groups, because they cover the biggest muscle mass.

What kind of use you have for purchasing an aerobic barbell ?

By exercising the main muscle groups, you can relatively quickly build new muscle mass or burn fat. The metabolic rate of the body increases due to the gained muscle mass - and this supports the loss of weight. Due to this principle, barbell training is one of the most effective types of training regarding body shaping.

What are the differences between aerobic barbells and other barbells ?

Aerobic barbells are very handy thanks to their compact dimensions. The bar of an aerobic barbell is hollow inside - different to common barbells - so that the total weight is a bit lower. The lower weight of these barbells is compensated by the higher number of repetitions. This type of strength-stamina training produces defined muscles, which are well visible.

As this type of strength training strongly supports the circulation of muscles due to many repetitions, it is also called "pumping". Therefore, aerobic barbell sets are also called pump sets.

Our pourchase tip for aerobic barbells:

We offer you complete aerobic barbell sets, which are already equiped with all parts requird for strength training - so you can comfortably start your workout. Thanks to the individual adaption of training weight, aerobic pump sets are suitable for any age. The Sport-Tiedje Aerobic barbell set offers you an excellent price-performance ratio.

Because of the plastics jacket of the aerobic barbell set, weights can be placed on the floor and the floor remains scratch-free, in general.
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