Either competitive, leisure or rehabilitation sports – an endurance workout is not only efficient when it is regularly, systematic and on schedule. Your endurance ability depends upon:

- technique economy
- energy metabolism
- ability of oxygen uptake¹
- optimal body weight
- will to hang on
- individual endurance ability

Checklist for a systematic endurance workout:

Equipment – what do I need?
- running respectively walking shoes
- clothing for each weather
- pulse monitor including stop watch
- (Nordic) Walking poles
- drinking bottle
- towel

Workout place – Where can the workout unit take place and by which means?
- sports ground
- forest
- cycle track
- side road
- cardio unit, i.e. treadmill, crosstrainer, elliptical, rower, ergometer, exercise bike, bicycle trainer, indoorcycle, etc.

Workout – How do I get a systematic workout that is on schedule?
- Which workout target do I have?
- How good is my current workout condition?
- What and how often do I have to exercise?
- Which workout methods are there and what is their effect?
- Do I have to change my nutrition?


¹) important statistical value for the evaluation of performance, characterizes the function of the aerobic metabolism and increases in an almost linear way with increasing exposure, the limit value of this function (that means shortly before the exposure has to be stopped because of exhaustion) is called maximum oxygen uptake (= VO2max).

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