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BodyCraft Multi-gym

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Multi-gyms for home use are designed for private use. Semi-professional multi-gyms are designed for a longer operating life and can also be used at hotels, clubs, and for company's fitness. Multi-gyms of commercial quality are best for professional use at a gym and for a very long operating life. Semi-professional and professional multi-gyms are also excellent for home use due to their high-grade material quality.

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Buy BodyCraft Multi-gym

BodyCraft multi-gyms belong to the best fitness equipment in the world of home fitness. They are especially characterized by their enormous training variety as well as perfect quality. Due to the innovative and functionally well-thought out training concept, the multi-gym offers several exercises on smallest space. Furthermore, BodyCraft multi-gyms offer an enormous stability and an outstanding price-performance ratio. Read more down
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Sport-Tiedje puts each fitness equipment through its paces. Then our team of sports scientists, serious athletes, and service technicians of many years of experience evaluate the products of different categories. Compare easily the products using the Sport-Tiedje expert review and find your appropriate equipment.
The equipment of a multi-gym is made of number of training moduls, weight block, and other accessory. Exercise a multitude of muscle groups of the whole body with a complete equipment; training comfort is higher for well-equipped multi-gyms.
A sturdy construction with high thickness of frame gives the multi-gym stability. In addition, own weight, standing surface, and general workmanship are considered. A high stability makes the multi-gym more durable.
This feature takes adjustment options of separate moduls to exercising persons (measurements, weight levels, etc.) and general ergonomics of the multi-gym into consideration. Adjusting contributes to a greater variability while exercising. Correct articulation angles optimize the course of motion and prevent bad postures as well.
A great variety of exercises is achieved by number of exercising possibilities for different parts of the body. The quality of accomplishing the motion (caused by pulleys, storages, friction resistance, or similar) is taken into consideration.
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BodyCraft Multi-gym - Customer ratings

  • BodyCraft multi-gym X-Press pro

    flo 10.7.2017 - BodyCraft multi-gym X-Press pro

    goed apparaat!

  • BodyCraft multi-gym Mini Xpress

    Brian 4.8.2016 - BodyCraft multi-gym Mini Xpress

    A great value of money. It fits perfectly in my flat and allows me to do multiple workouts at home. Quality is great and easy to assemble. Definetely one of my best deal of the year so far.

  • BodyCraft multi-gym Mini Xpress

    Brian 4.8.2016 - BodyCraft multi-gym Mini Xpress

    It was easy to assemble and fit just fine in my flat. I could do many exercises with it and the quality is great. One of my best buy in the year so far. Perfect machine with a good price.

A BodyCraft multi-gym - creative strength training prize-winning quality

Fitness multi-gyms of the brand BodyCraft orientate towards the needs of the users, who want to do a holistic and demanding strength training at home and attach great importance to design and quality. The equipment of BodyCraft is also regularly used at hotel facilities or rehab centers and do convince by their functional versatility and attractive design. Stability and resistance or sturdiness of a BodyCraft multi-gym need to be emphasized. Thus, their frame guarantees safety and a long durability. The pull cables are made of steel ropes. These are not flexible and provide a smooth run of the cable pulls, of which the rollers have ball-bearings. Thus you experience a very smooth movement. Purchasing a BodyCraft multi-gym, you buy quality, which will render good and reliable services for many years.

Which further advantages are given for buying a BodyCraft multi-gym?

Throughout the production of a BodyCraft multi-gym, great importance is attached to a high-quality upholstery and its good workmanship for a comfortable training. These upholsteries are always neatly sewn and are made of special artificial leather, which is very sturdy. Another advantage of the multi-gym of the brand BodyCraft is the adjustability to the user. Seats and backrests of most BodyCraft machines can be adjusted in height and incline. In addition, several extension possibilities, i. e., the leg press module, enrich your training possibilities enormously, provide even more diversion, and allow a perfect whole body training.

BodyCraft multi-gym - technical refinements for innovative strength training

Many Bodycraft multi-gyms provide the most modern technical equipment so that a long workout becomes a real experience, whereas all muscle groups are demanded. Thus, i. e., the BodyCraft multi-gym Elite Graphite is equipped with the patented Active Balance System (ABS), by which you can easily switch from a guided exercise with the chest press to an almost free training. It's especially great for beginners, who want to start their strength training optimally with guided sessions and to progress step by step with free exercises, which imply an increased coordinative demand, depending on their increase in experience. You can also do perfectly sport-specific workouts with a multi-gym of BodyCraft. For example, you can do a training of the powerful tennis forehand, the elegant golf swing or a precise badminton smash with the prize-winning BodyCraft multi-gym X-Press pro - a special training for muscle groups for complexe kinds of sport. BodyCraft multi-functional towers are also ideal for regenerative or prophylactic purposes and are also used at phyiotherapies.

For a body of top shape- the BodyCraft multi-gym

There are no limits to your training eagerness thanks to the wide range of exercises the BodyCraft multi-gym offers you. Well-defined abs and gluteal muscles or a v-shape - start it right now. The several exercises a BodyCraft multi-gym is offering include among other things:
  • Side and front lifting for shoulders,
  • Reverse curls for arms,
  • Lat-pull for the back,
  • Butterfly for the chest,
  • Bench press for the chest,
  • Crunches for abdominal muscles,
  • Leg extension for trained legs.

No matter what's your purpose of training or which muscle group you wish to strengthens precisely: a BodyCraft multi-gym helps you to achieve your individual training targets and to keep the fun in exercising.
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