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Bodyweight training - exercising without weights

Bodyweight training is a popular type of workout of the Functional Traininga and for many types of sport as an important completion.

Bodyweight training offers a multitude of varying possibilities and you can do an effective, targeted strength training at home with the own body weight and light fitness equipment. Use your own body weight as weight resistance for bodyweight training.

Our Taurus Multi-Functional Trainer and the Taurus sling trainer are effective allround fitness equipment for ambitious bodyweight training.

The advantages of own weight training

The three biggest advantages of own weight training/bodyweight training can be described with the catchwords diversion, flexibility, and range. There are many different body weight exercises which always offer great motivation. As you do not need any weights, you are very flexible and independent.

Take along your sling trainer for travelling to always be able to do an effective strength training and activate your muscle building. Practical extensions make the use of your sling trainer possible - at almost any place.

Functional Training fitness equipment is very light and space-saving. These machines can always be easily stored without requiring much space. Due to the holistic training effect, bodyweight training is an integral part of the Functional Training.

Exercises of bodyweight training are very complete, because many muscle parts are demanded. It is not just a training of isolated muscles but the interplay of muscles is improved. Furthermore, coordination and flexibility are strengthened by own weight training.

The intensity of bodyweight training can be increased by wrist and ankle weights and weighted vests, so that your Functional Training is effective. Change the exercise angle for Functional Training with a sling trainer, i.e. - the exercise level is simply increased or reduced.

Which fitness equipment is available for exercising with the own body weight ?

The best known fitness equipment for body weight exercises are sling trainers. These sling systems are very small and light and can be used everywhere. Even top models hardly weigh more than 1kg. They can be put around a strong branch in the park and you can do body weight training in the open. Multifunctional trainers like the Lebert Equalizer offer a huge variety of exercises precisely because of their simple construction.

Push-up handles or instable boards are excellent fitness equipment for body weight training. They make the classic body weight exercise - push-up - even more demanding, more varied, and more effective !
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