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Did you already know... to stay fresh in the office despite the summer heat?



It is summer and your summer holiday is already over or still a long time to come?!

There is no such thing as statutory heat leave for employees. We all have to deal with the heat. But how? The temperature in our offices exceeds the 30°C mark in some cases and everyday work life is almost impossible to handle due to circulatory disorders, headaches or dizziness.

How can we fignt the heat wave in our offices? Try to cool down your body and soul, so that the summer heat in the office is easier to bear.

Useful tips for everyday office life:

  • Drink a lot!
    A temperature rise of approx. 5°C already increases the daily water requirements of an average worker by 1,5 litres. Try to increase your daily water intake to 3 litres. When doing so, mainly water, spritzers or unsweetened fruit tea should be consumed. Furthermore, ice cold beverages should be avoided. These give our body the wrong signals. It feels asked to produce heat and we sweat even more.

  • Wear light clothing!
    Bright and breathable clothing helps adapt to the temperature. Cotton, linen and microfiber are great fabrics which allow the body to breathe. Heat build-up should be prevented by all means.

  • Eat light!
    Heavy and rich food tax the body and circulatory system in addition to the heat. Even in the day time fresh salds, fruit and vegetables should be on the menu. Light poultry or fish are also suitable in summer. Greasy fries and sausages should be given a miss during heat waves.

  • Air properly!
    Air thoroughly with all windows wide open in the morning, keep the windows closed during the day. Shut curtains or blinds in areas with direct sunlight are also ideal. They help reduce the temperature inside the office. Avoid extreme temperature differences. If the temperature outside is much lower than inside, the risk of catching a cold is high. Therefore, be careful with air conditioning.

  • Cool down regularly!
    Rinsing the forearms under cold water helps cool down a little. Doing this from time to time can be very refreshing.
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