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...what Electronical muscle stimulation stands for ?



The principle of functions of electronical muscle stimulation (EMS) is quiet simple and similar to the process of voluntary muscle contraction.
When a muscle is to be contracted, the brain transmits this information to the muscle via a nerve fibre. Having arrived at the target place, this signal stimulates the neuromuscular junction which transmits the information onto immediately adjacent zones in the muscle and releases the muscle contraction.
The brain controls the contractions of the muscles by means of electrical impulses.

The muscle reaction of electronical muscle stimulation is completely identical to the muscle work controlled by the brain. In other words: The muscle cannot differentiate the instructions coming from the brain and those from the muscle stimulator.
The sole difference is the approach. EMS means that instructions are directly transmitted to the muscle fibre from outside via electrodes on the skin - without participation of the brain in controlling stimulation of muscles.

Muscle stimulators are an ideal workout completion to exercise muscles, increase sporty performance, facilitate recovery as well as improve wellbeing. Furthermore, electro stimulation has already been proved successful for rehabilitation. By means of electrodes, muscle atrophy for injuries can be counteracted.

Well-thought out precision equipment for a precise control of muscles is offered by the manufacturer Compex. The equipment makes programming of frequencies and impulse intensities possible to produce different intensities - power, springiness, stamina, and recovery - training without any pain.

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Last but not least: Electro stimulation makes you independent of time, place, and frequency. Just exercise easily and everywhere.

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