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Joola Table tennis robot

Perfect your techniques with the table tennis robot
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Buy Joola Table tennis robot

The approved table tennis robots of Joola works as ideal match partner. The Joola table tennis robots are ideal for a training at home as well as for that at clubs or schools. A very easy use and adjustment characterize the sturdy ball machines of Joola. Read more down
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Item number: JO-21129-V300
53 Customer ratings
∅ 4.43 of 5 Stars
2 Stars
1 Star
The Joola table tennis robot Buddy V300 is the improved version of the innovative Joola table tennis robot Buddy Pro. The compact TT robot Buddy V300 is very easy to assemble and only weighs about 1 kg. Furthermore, the Joola table tennis robot Buddy V300 is equipped with an oscillator, so that different points on the table tennis board can be played and the workout gets much more dynamic.
  • Table tennis robot with oscillator Buddy Pro of Joola
  • One of the smallest table tennis robots of the world !
  • New: radio remote control and the new design
  • Upgraded successor of the well-known Buddy Pro
  • Ball-throw-frequency varies between 20 and 70 balls/min
  • Integrated oscillator to play different positions on the table, oscillation speed and ball frequency are variable just as you like
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Item number: JO-21125
15 Customer ratings
∅ 4.67 of 5 Stars
3 Stars
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Easiest use and multi-functionality are the keywords of the new Joola table tennis robot Shorty. Variable speeds, eight different rotation forms, trajectory variations, and oscillation possibilities offer a multitude of training and use possibilities. Net, remote control, big ball box, and easy dis/assembly make the Joola table tennis robot Shorty an essential part of each workout.
  • Table device with remote control
  • Direct and indirect ball throw
  • Different trajectories of the balls are adjustable
  • 9 speed levels
  • Memory function of remote control
  • Diverse scattering angle-adjustments are possible
  • 8 different rotation forms (motor can be pivoted by 180° degree)
  • 9-level ball frequency adjustment (from 25 to 85 balls/min.)
  • Big ball box; can take up to 150 balls
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Item number: JO-21127-V200
9 Customer ratings
∅ 4.22 of 5 Stars
3 Stars
1 Star
The Joola TT-Buddy is a small but adequate table tennis robot at an affordable price with an innovative and modern design. Variable ball throw frequencies, three different kinds of spin and an easy dis/assembly make the Joola TT-Robot Buddy an essential part of each workout.
  • Fast assembly without means
  • Variable ball throw frequencies between 12 balls/min and 70 balls/min
  • Three different kinds of spin: slice, topspin and counterattack
  • Very easy use and adjustment
  • Ball box for 100 balls
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Item number: JO-21128
33 Customer ratings
∅ 4.21 of 5 Stars
1 Star
Affordable, practical ball catch net for the Joola table tennis robot TT Buddy.
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Item number: JO-21130-V100
2 Customer ratings
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4 Stars
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The Joola TT Buddy Topspin is a table tennis robot throwing out top spin balls. Up to 100 balls can be stored in the ball case. The Joola TT Buddy Topspin runs on batteries.
  • Joola TT Buddy Topspin table tennis robot
  • In the new red design
  • Ball case for 100 balls
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Joola Table tennis robot - Customer ratings

  • Joola TT Buddy Topspin

    Anonym 29.5.2017 - Joola TT Buddy Topspin

    Limited functions (no oscillation and topspin only) but as the only battery-driven model it's perfect when there is no access to a mains outlet, such as in the squash courts where I play table tennis at a local sports centre. Used it a couple of times and no complaints yet.

  • Joola Ball Catch Net Buddy

    Anonym 26.10.2014 - Joola Ball Catch Net Buddy


  • Joola TT-Robot Shorty

    Russell Scott 6.7.2014 - Joola TT-Robot Shorty

    Very happy with this robot. It seems to do everything I need it to do so far, though I am still finding out all of its capabilities. I am not sure why I would have paid twice or even three times as much for a different robot, as they could not have performed any better than Shorty. The only possible criticism is that there could have been a better instruction manual included.

  • Joola Ball Catch Net Buddy

    Old Tom Cobbley 28.3.2014 - Joola Ball Catch Net Buddy

    I was pleasantly surprised by this net. On the web the net did not look high enough to catch the balls, but actually it is. If you don't hit the net it really has been a bad shot. No 5 stars because mine had a manufacturing weakness that meant that one of the seams rapidly unwound. This was rapidly fixed with a bit of sewing.

  • Joola Ball Catch Net Buddy

    Sarah 3.9.2013 - Joola Ball Catch Net Buddy

    It fits, it works.

  • Joola Ball Catch Net Buddy

    Paul Courtney 2.9.2013 - Joola Ball Catch Net Buddy

    A bit fiddly to get set up, but once set is fine. Net could be slightly higher to catch all of the missed returns ! Easy to empty when in place. A useful addition to the Joola TT Buddy Pro setup, as picking up all those balls is a pain !!

  • Joola Ball Catch Net Buddy

    David Gough 1.4.2013 - Joola Ball Catch Net Buddy

    The net is a little fiddly to assemble and the instructions are not particularly clear but, after the first time, the process is a bit quicker. With the clamps at the edge of the table I found the net rather tight and balls would hit it and fly over the edge. But it generally does what it's supposed to and, being cheaper than others, must be considered good value.

Joola is the universal table tennis supplier - even for table tennis robots

Joola stands for high-quality table tennis equipment and operates in the market with table tennis products of any kind. Therefore, Joola's range also includes table tennis robots. Joola table tennis robots are available in different versions and quality levels. Almost everybody can find the appropriate Joola table tennis robot.

Exercise with Joola table tennis robots

The Joola table tennis robots are easy to use and to handle. Even starter models of Joola table tennis robots offer different types of spin, ball frequencies, and speeds of the ball.

Hit techniques and conditions can be improved with table tennis robots. Joola ball machines are ideal, especially for working with young talents to exercise hit and counter.
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