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Kettler rowing machines offer a combination of strength and condition training for home use. The new Coach series in dynamic Loop design including the Coach H2O is the frist Kettler rowing machine with natural water resistance. Also wew in the series is the Coach 10, which thanks to high stability is suitable for Gyms and other public facilities. The Coach S is the premium rowing machine of Kettler and has a quiet smooth rowing pull and visual highlights like the glass cockpit and an original rowing seat. Most Kettler rowing machines are built with cable systems, which offers a more even, guided rowing movement and enable a higher training resistance level than rowing machines with cantilever systems. Read more down
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46 Customer ratings
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This latest model improves on its predecessor with a pulse monitor!
  • Two hydraulic cylinders supply resistance
  • Comfortable, smooth-rolling seat
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Top rower of Kettler in precious black now !
Ergonomics, effectivity, and real racing sensation are offered by the Kettler rowing machine Coach E. Workout is really varied with 12 workout programs, 4 of them pulse controlled. The rower Kettler Coach E has a training resistance from 25 to 500 Watt and offers challenges for every home athlete.
  • The top model of Kettler rowing machines with induction brake and wattage up to 500 Watt
  • Get in shape by rowing ashore !
  • Effective cardio training and strengthening of muscles, thanks to balance mass of 6kg
  • Chest strap for heart rate workouts is included in delivery
  • Speed independent training
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Sport-Tiedje puts each fitness equipment through its paces. Then our team of sports scientists, serious athletes, and service technicians of many years of experience evaluate the products of different categories. Compare easily the products using the Sport-Tiedje expert review and find your appropriate equipment.
The resistance system is a core feature of rowers. Depending on the chosen system, the rowing motion can be regular and even or similar to rowing in nature , where the resistance varies depending on the pulling force. Accessories such as a training computer with training programmes, a heart rate meter, a USB/PC port as well as transport wheels make for a more comfortable and effective training and contribute to positive ratings
High stability depends on the construction of the frame, its weight and the floor space of the machine. The more stable the rower, the higher the max. user weight and the more durable the machine. Rowing machines with good stability stand more safely during intensive training with vigorous strokes.
The interaction of resistance system, running rails, seat castors, pulling rope and frame construction is extremely important for the motion sequence. A rowing machine with a smooth motion sequence provides extra joint-friendly training and increases muscle activity.
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Kettler Rowing machine - Customer ratings

  • Kettler rowing machine Coach S

    Livache 27.11.2017 - Kettler rowing machine Coach S

    It's an excellent machine. Top quality! A minus is the old Polar T34 chest strap. Could not connect it with other devices .

  • Kettler rowing machine Coach S

    Mike Peck 21.11.2017 - Kettler rowing machine Coach S

    Kettler rowing coach s ....very pleased with how the product performs. It is exceptionally quiet and in conjunction with Kett App allows great interest and variety in the training options. It is a high quality build and is very stable and as stated looks a very stylish.

  • Kettler rowing machine Coach E

    Adriana 25.3.2016 - Kettler rowing machine Coach E

    Excellent purchase, beautiful design, smooth operation,large choice of programs, the best rowing machine I exercised on in any of the fitness centers, with advantage to have it in the house and being able to exercise any time.

  • Kettler rowing machine Stroker

    Georgios Panousos 4.6.2014 - Kettler rowing machine Stroker

    The product is excellent! I am very satisfied of it!

  • Kettler rowing machine Stroker

    Georgios Panousos 4.6.2014 - Kettler rowing machine Stroker

    Excellent! I highly recommend it to everyone.

  • Kettler Favorit Rower

    Peter Livesey 21.7.2013 - Kettler Favorit Rower

    Super hydrolic rower. Very solid and sturdy unlike most other offerings in the market. I weigh around 95 kg and this is perfect for me. Easy to use and give a great overall body workout.

Kettler rowing machines: the right machine for everyone

For many years, rowing belongs to one of the most popular cardio training and activates most of the muscles in the body simultaneously. With a Kettler rowing machine you can complete effective total body workouts in the comfort of your own home. Depending on which model, your Kettler rowing machine is built with different programs, pulse readings and other useful functions. The training computer keeps you up-to-date over all your important workout data, so that you can better plan your rowing training. Kettler rowing machines with a manually adjustable magnet brake system is adjustable by hand so that the resistance and intensity of the training is easily regulated. Kettler rowing machines with an induction brake system is automatically adjusted depending on which program is chosen and provides an optimal base for intensive workouts. Both brake systems are very quiet. Kettler rowing machines are equipped with a practical folding mechanism: so that after each training the machine can easily and be space savingly stored away.

The new Kettler Coach series

With the new developed Coach series Kettler expands its appealing range of rowing machines for ambitioned total body workouts at home. The innovative rowing machines were developed together with professional rowers and offer the highest quality, appealing design and comprehensive training possiblilties. The high-grade Duo Rail aluminium frame produces an especially fluid and authentic rowing movement. The rowing machines are also suited to taller users thanks to the two longer slide rails. The ergonomic rowing grip, comfortable high seat position, tighter foot position and adjustable foot pads highlights the ergonomic concept and pronounced comfort while training. The Coach H2O is the first Kettler rowing machine with water resistance. The training intensity is decided by a combination of how fulll the water tank is and through the power of your pull while rowing - for an authentic rowing feelling just like being on water. All rowing machines from the new Kettler Coach series are equipped with a large, intuitively designed display with Bluetooth connection and integrated programs for various training levels. The slim, minimalistic Dynamic Loop design makes the rowing machine a catching eye piece in any room. The Coach rowing machines are developed with saving space in mind: after each workout it can just be stood up and stored out of the way.

Kettler rowing machines with balanced training movements

Nearly all Kettler rowing machines are built with a cable system that means that you pull with both hands on one rowing grips. This guided movement is even and balanced and is a good advantage for beginners. The resistance is controlled through either a magnetic brake system or an induction brake system. Those systems together with Kettler rowing machines with a cable system can offer high resistances - perfect for ambitioned rowers. Kettle rowing machines with cable system are therefore recommended for users at all training levels.

Kettler rowing machines with cantilevel systems have two separate left and right hand grips (e.g. the Kettler Kadett). Therefore the co-ordination of the row is harder. With this system the resistance with produced from hydraulic cyclinders, that aren't able to produce as much resistance as compared to magnet or induction brake systems.

Ketter rowing machine - Quality from a traditional German company.

The company has produced fitness equipment for more than 60 years. By buying a Kettler rowing machine, you get a very high-quality machine, which are best suited for daily use. Kettler rowing machiens are marked by their durable workmanship and modern technologies. Kettler rowing machines like the Stroker as well almost all Coach rowing machines are assembled in Germany and carry the quality seal "Made in Germany"
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