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Sport-Tiedje - Knowledge and sports


Sports and motion as part of an active lifestyle do not only contribute to an improvement of your fitness but your physical and general well-being as well.  
We would like to offer support for a regular accomplishment of sporty activities under use of sports-scientific and workout-theoretic knowledge. Because: success of a sporty workout is not reached accidentally !


There always come up questions: How do I get an efficient (stamina, strength, fitness) workout ? Which workout goals do I have at all ? What can I do to reduce weight in a healthy way ? How do factors like nutrition, sports, and lifestyle influence my body composition and fitness ?


A lot of questions seeking for an answer regarding health & workout, stamina, and strength:


Health & workout

Have you heard …
what effect an optimal body composition has ?
that the success of a workout depends upon the structure of a workout sequence ?
which effect coldness has on your workout ?
that trampoline workouts have a holistic effect on your physical fitness ?
which role the glycemic index plays regarding weight reduction ?
what muscle fever really means ?
which effect an efficient abdominal workout has ?
what is the cause for a muscle spasm ?
what is the reason for covering less distance on a crosstrainer than while jogging ?
what is the difference between digital and analoque heart rate transmission ?
how useful the incline function of treadmills is ?
how much you have to exercise to work your christmas calories ?
which different types of vibration vibration plates offer and which different effects they have ?
that a human heart beats up to 4 billion times in the course of a life ?
which effect the surface of table tennis bat has?
what Does the Sport-Tiedje Fitness analysis stand for ?
how to get in shape for your own cycle race ?
how nordic walking developped ?
what is the difference between ergometers depending on speed and those not depending on speed ?
what's the structure of our spine ?
what's the right point of time to change to learner vehicles ?
how does heart rate measuring work ?
why functional training is so important for ball sports ?
what does plyometric Training stand for ?
what fascia training is?

Gesundheit und Training


Have you heard …
to what extent a check list can optimize your stamina workout ?
what you should pay attention to while purchasing a crosstrainer ?
what are stitches and how you can prevent them ?
how you can exercise special workout effects - heart rate-oriented and precisely ?
what are endurance basics ?
how important a heart rate controlled workout is?
that workout success is mainly determined by training planning under adherence to training principles ?
what hitting the wall means ?
what is the difference between fitness and stamina?
that you burn more calories for trampolin jumping than for jogging?
when and where the Tour de France was „born“ ?
what's the range of an E-Bike?



Have you heard …
which 10 golden rules guarantee a successful strength workout ?
that vibration training demands  95-98% of our muscles ?
why protein shakes & co. are important for your success in muscle building ?




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