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Oedipus solved the riddle of the sphinx. Can you solve this riddle: who is moving on four, then on two and finally on three wheels ?
Children on children's vehicles in our shop.

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Smallest children start with a learner bike like the Wutsch and switch to a balance bike once they start walking. Here they exercise balance and flexibility to master changing to the first own bike. When they are teenagers, they will try one of those cool GoKart-Trikes. Just as simple as it gets.

The question when to make the change is not that easy.

Descriptions often include indications of age and height of a child for learner or children's vehicles. These are guide numbers offering a good orientation though not being any obligation. Age recommendations are average values. There are children developping quicker using a balance bike much earlier or children growing faster who outgrow first children's bike. Height indications get more and more precise though deviations are possible as well. All children are different. Take indicated values as orientation and compare it with the development of your child.

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