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MFT has made a name for itself as a manufacturer of multifunctional fitness equipment that revolutionises classic exercises like the push-up. MFT discs combine functional training and strength and coordination exercises, challenging athletes of all fitness levels with unprecedented dynamics. Whether balance training, targeted back exercises, or health training with children: MFT discs allow for an all-round effective total-body workout. You can work out anywhere with MFT: at home, at work, or in the fitness studio, on holiday, and on business trips. At Sport-Tiedje's online shop, you will find MFT training equipment for all workout goals – for more fun in exercising and a whole new body awareness.
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MFT fitness equipment: not just for skiers

MFT is the official supplier of the German Ski Association. Skiers prepare for the new season with running, strength training, and gymnastics. But that requires a lot of time and discipline. Skiers get into shape faster and more efficiently on MFT fitness equipment – all from the comfort of their homes.

MFT discs are not only interesting for skiers, but for all athletes for whom coordination is important. The green plates have now found their way into numerous fitness studios and rehab and therapy centres. Personal trainers work successfully with MFT as well.

Even in the case of back pain and tension caused by lack of exercise or an incorrect sitting posture, MFT exercise equipment is a good choice: with regular workouts on MFT discs, back pain will soon be a thing of the past.

The MFT philosophy

Strength training, endurance training, and coordination training: every form of workout has its justification. Ewald Aigner, MFT inventor, set himself the goal of bringing these forms of workout together. Training with MFT discs is the new trend and is in the process of conquering fitness studios and rehab & therapy centres. It allows for harmonious interaction of all muscles. After all, only when the body moves like a perfect team, strength and endurance improve and you reach your personal workout goal faster.

Official supplier of the German Ski Association
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