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Multi-gym upgrades - upgrade the possibilities of your multi-gym

Multi-gyms offer several functions so that almost the whole body can be exercised. Personal training aims and demands made to a multi-gym increase with progressing training level. We offer you several upgrades for your multi-gym so you can aim at new training aims full of vim and vigor on familiar your multi-gym. The upgrade possibilities of a multi-gym vary according to model and manufacturer. Find the appropriate upgrades for the respective multi-gym at Sport-Tiedje:
  • Leg press: for training of thighs and buttocks
  • Pull tower: for lat pull, rowing as well as many further exercises on the cable control
  • Curl Pult: makes a concentrated biceps training possible - for visible success in upper arm training.
  • Adductors/Abductors unit: for special training of adductors (bringing together the thighs) and abductors (bring apart the thighs)
  • Weight upgrade sets: In case, the weight block of your multi-gym is not sufficient, you can upgrade the weight block of some multi-gyms, so that heavier training weights can be chosen.
  • Optional weight benches: An optional weight bench equips your multi-gym with a lying surface, in so far only one seat is given. You can do several exercises in lying position.
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