The adductors    

(Musculi Adductores)


The adductors are mainly located at the thigh, though they are also in close contact with the hip. Consisting of three main muscles, the adductors are located in the inside of the thigh. Their function is the adduction of the thigh - to pull the thigh up (to the middle).

The three main adductors:
Big adductor (M. adductor magnus)

- It is the biggest and strongest adductor. Its insertion expands over almost the whole length of the femur. It is located behind the long and short adductor (a separation of the big adductor muscle).


Long adductor (M. adductor longus)

- The muscle inserts at the mid-third of the femur and supports adduction as well as external rotation and flexion of the thigh.

Short adductor (M. adductor brevis)

- The muscle causes an adduction and a flexion in the hip joint; an extension is effected for a bending from 80° onwards.


Due to the stress playing football, adductors tend to shortening. If the shortening is not counteracted by special stretching, irritations, strains or even ruptures may occur for wide lunges (when the whole length of the muscle is required, i.e.). Irritations are most often recognized at the weakest point of the muscle, the enthesis. Regarding the adductors, this point is at the pubis.



I. Musculus adductor magnus



Ischium of the pelvis, pubis bone lower ramus

Insertion: Inside of the thigh bone

Adduction, secondary outer rotation and bending in the hip joint




II. Musculus adductor longus


Origin: Pubis bone upper ramus
Insertion: Middle third inside of the thigh bone

Adduction, secondary outer rotation and bending in the hip joint




III. Musculus adductor brevis


Origin: Pubis bone lower ramus

Upper third inside of the thigh bone


Adduction, secondary outer rotation and bending in the hip joint




Exercise examples



Adduction in standing position on low cable pull


Course of motion:

  • Standing on the site of the low cable pull, legs are opened
  • Hold on the machine with the hand which is close to the machine
  • Stand in far distance from the cable pull to exercise long motions
  • Fix the strap with the rope on the foot (knuckle) which is close to the machine
  • Move the leg away from the machine, in the direction of the fixed leg
  • Move  forwards or backwards to the fixed leg
  • Move to the vertical position or even further on (maximum of 30°)



  • Inhale while moving upwards
  • Exhale while moving downwards


Advices of proof:

  • Do not open the legs too wide
  • Upright posture
  • Slow course of motion
  • Optimal weight taking up



  • In sitting position on a machine for adductors
  • In standing position on a hip pendular
  • In standing position without a machine
  • In lying position – side position (move lower leg backwards/upwards)
  • In lying position – straddle the legs (opposite bringing together)


You can use versatile training equipment for exercising adductors and to get a varied and motivating leg workout:



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