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The infraspinatus muscle

(M. infraspinatus)


The M. infraspinatus is a skeletal muscle of the shoulder. Together with the M. supraspinatus, the M. teres minor, and the M. subscapularis, it forms the muscle-tendon-cap. The main task of the infraspinatus muscle is the outside rotation in the shoulder joint as well as in abduction and adduction of the arm.
Because the shoulder joint is not hold by bones and the ligaments are weak, saving is mainly done by muscles of the muscle-tendon-cap. The humerus is hold by these four muscles in the very flat joint cup of the shoulder blade. The functional result is an extreme flexibility but a certain instability and sensitivity as well. Luxations caused by extrenal effects while exercising or falling on arm and shoulder are very common. Injuries of muscles as well as breaks of bones on the basis of muscles are often combined with luxation.

The muscle originates on the hollow of the shoulder blade (Fossa infraspinata), on the edge of the rear part. Its triangular shape covers almost the whole shoulder blade and is based with its tendon on the tuberosity (Tuberculum majus).



The M. infraspinatus



Shoulder blade (Fossa infraspinata of the shoulder)

Base: Tuberosity (Tuberculum majus)

Outside rotation (outside rotation in the upper arm), stabilization of the caput humeri, support abduction and adduction




Exercise example 


Outside rotation with


Course of motion:

  • Fix the end of the Thera-Band on height of the elbow
  • Stand with shoulder axis lateral in extension to the pulling direction
  • Stand hip-width apart
  • Knees are slightly bent
  • The shoulder which should be exercised is further away
  • Hold the Thera-Band with one hand
  • Hold wrist straight
  • Fix elbows on the body
  • Tense trunk muscles
  • Start with an inside rotation (about 30°)
  • Move the hand outwards against the resistance
  • Outside rotation of the upper arm up to about 30°



  • Exhale while doing outside rotation
  • Inhale while returning


Advices of proof:

  • Motion is done from the shoulder
  • Fix elbows
  • Tense abdominal and back muscles
  • Do not move in the trunk



  • Outside rotation on cable pull
  • Outside rotation with dumbbell


Exercise the M. infraspinatus by means of different training equipment in a varied and effective way. Use the following workout accessories for strengthening the shoulder rotator:



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