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The Plantaris

(M. plantaris)


The M. plantaris (also muscle of sole of a foot) is a little skeletal muscle of two joints, influencing knee as well as ankle joint. It belongs to the lower leg muscles and is classified as part of the M. triceps by some authors.

The plantaris is a thin muscle with a very long end tendon. This tendon goes between the M. soleus and the M. gastrocnemius and is based on the medial edge of the Achilles Tendon and the heel bone.
Even being of no great functional importance, it participates in bending the knee, turning inwards the bent thigh, and plantar flexion (stretching of toes towards the floor).



M. plantaris



Condylus lat. femoris (lower, lateral part of the femur) and knee joint capsule

Insertion: Tuber calcanei (tuberositas on heel bone) and medial edge of the Achilles Tendon

Plantar flexion (stretching toes downwards), flexion knee joint, and internal rotation with bent knee




Exercise examples



Calves stretching
Wadenstrecken im Liegen


Course of motion:

  • Take your position on the leg press
  • Lean your back
  • Place feet solely with forefoot against the provided platform
  • Legs are stretched
  • Thighs are parallel
  • Hands grasp the handles
  • Push slowly forwards the platform with forefoot
  • Keep contact with toes to the platform
  • Return slowly to starting position



  • Exhale while pushing the platform
  • Inhale while returning


Advices of proof:

  • Do not completely release tension
  • Mind regular breathing
  • Do best possible range of motion
  • Adapt weight to fitness level



  • Calves lifting in standing position (with and without additional weight)
  • Calves lifting in sitting position with dumbbell
  • Foot stretching with Thera-Band
  • Wall sitting with calves lifting




Leg curl sitting position
Beinbeugen sitzend


Course of motion:

  • Take a place on the seat
  • Lean the back
  • Place legs on the foot upholstery (upholstery above the Achilles Tendon)
  • Choose a sitting position so that the knee is on height of pivot point
  • Thighs are hip-width apart
  • Pull toes towards the body
  • Tense trunk muscles
  • Hands are on the sides of the body and grasp handles
  • Leg curling by tensing back of thigh
  • Maximum amplitude of motion
  • Shortly remain in turnaround point
  • Then slow and controlled upwards motion
  • Keep tension in muscles
  • Do not completely stretch the legs at the end of a motion



  • Exhale while bending the legs
  • Inhale while stretching the legs


Advices of proof:

  • Keep tension in torso
  • Do not completely stretch the legs
  • Regular breathing
  • Adapt weight to fitness level (demand but not too much or too less)



  • Leg curl in standing position on cable control
  • Leg curl in lying position



Use different training equipment for exercising the M. plantaris in a varied and motivating way. Use workout accessories as, i.e.:



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