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NOHrD Treadmill

The range of NOHrD includes many high-quality machines to increase fitness and well-being. Besides equipment of the NOHrD Treadmill, there is also wide-range accessory available. Have a lot of fun exercising with NOHrD.
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NOHrD Exercise Bike

The training with fitness equipment and accessory influences directly your health and well-being. Thus you should pay attention to quality when purchasing fitness equipment. Products of the range of products of NOHrD Exercise Bike offer you safety and quality for an effective training at home.
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NOHrD Weight bench

The NOHrD weight bench is a compact universal weight bench, which is ideal for your strength training at home. It combines a precious design with high functionality and convinces by its sturdiness. NOHrD offers a high-end weight bench, the innovative TriaTrainer: it is not only a weight bench but also a functional abs and back machine!
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NOHrD Abs and back machines

The NOHrD abs and back machine is a high-quality, compact strength training equipment. Its unique combination of minimalist design and excellent functionality makes it a real favourite. With the TriaTrainer, NOHrD made it possible to develop a 3-in-1 training equipment, which convinces absolutely: When the sides are folded up, the abs and back machine is transformed into a sturdy weight bench. It is available in different types of wood!
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NOHrD Balance and coordination

NOHrD Balance and coordination equipment offers you a good basis for an effective training, i. e. for losing weight. Achieve your training targets almost by yourself with the range of products of NOHrD. You only have to show your will to start your training.
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NOHrD Dumbbells

(14 Products)
At NOHrD, iron is no longer lifted, because you get strength training equipment, the NOHrD dumbbells, which are made of leather and are filled with small balls. The incomparable design and the high-quality materials of the NOHrD dumbbells make your strength training a real experience. An energetic and effective training is guaranteed.
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NOHrD Multi-gym

(5 Products)
NOHrD multi-gyms stand for elegance and functionality. Their simple design combines the physiologic components of the whole body training with esthetic beauty. The precious workmanship of the high-quality materials convinces as well. The NOHrD multi-gyms are equipped with a stable frame construction, offer varied exercising possibilities, and are hence ideal for a holistic strength training.
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NOHrD Wall bars

(8 Products)
Usually, you find wall bars at gymnasiums; if required at gyms as well. In the meantime, the wall bars is also used for home fitness. As for instance, the high-quality NOHrD wall bars made of wood. It is available in different types of wood and offers most different exercising varieties. The Normalerweise finden Sie Sprossenwände in Sporthallen; gegebenfalls auch in Fitness-Studios. NOHrD wall bars is suitable for an effective strength and flexibility training.
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NOHrD Accessory for cardio training

(5 Products)
NOHrD offers a wide offer of high-quality fitness equipment and accessory for the training at home. Get effectively in shape, lose weight, and keep healthy at home with the NOHrD Accessory for cardio training products.
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NOHrD Accessory for multi-gyms

(12 Products)
Upgrade the range of use of your fitness equipment or emphasise it visually with the NOHrD accessory. Do exercises for the back on the NOHrD SlimBeam cable pull module with the lat pull upgrade set; the NOHrD LED lighting lights your training equipment softly.
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NOHrD Accessory strength training

(5 Products)
Upgrade your respective NOHrD training equipment with the NOHrD accessory for strength training to do further important exercises for an effective, varied strength training at home. High-quality, loadable, and durable: The NOHrD accessory for your strength training will convince you, because NOHrD uses here natural materials and focusses on quality as well.
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NOHrD Floor protective mats

The range of products of NOHrD offers a great selection of high-quality fitness equipment and first-class accessory. Here you get to the overview about the whole range of NOHrD Floor protective mats:
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NOHrD Handles / traction support

(4 Products)
The Sport-Tiedje range includes high-quality NOHrD handles/traction handles, by which you can upgrade your NOHrD training eqiupment and complete it by further exercising possibilities. All NOHrD handles/traction aids – either traction handle, lat pull bar or chin up bar/abs module - convince by their quality and durability.
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NOHrD Weight rack

(2 Products)
The NOHrD weight rack is not only a simple and practical weight rack, but also a precious weight tower, which is a real eyecatcher in every living room. The NOHrD weight racks are made of precious ash or walnut wood. Inside those there are training boards, which can be comfortably attached to the weight rack - so you always see your training programme.
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NOHrD - Customer ratings

  • NOHrD lat-pull upgrade set

    Tina 30.9.2018 - NOHrD lat-pull upgrade set

    A good accessory for lat exercises. Easy to install and the usage is quite easy once you tried it a couple of times. One disadvantage is that the lower trunk of the slimbeam must be moved to easily move the cable to the two rollers and to change resistance.

  • NOHrD alu lat pull bar

    Tina 30.9.2018 - NOHrD alu lat pull bar

    A very light rod due to the material. Very good with the clutch that can also be used for other pull handles in order to use the resistance from both pulleys at the same time.

  • NOHrD cable machine SlimBeam

    Tina 30.9.2018 - NOHrD cable machine SlimBeam

    A very nice cable machine, good looking and works fine. Quite simple to mount, and easy to use. One disadvantage is that the butterfly must be unscrewed and fixed each time it is moved. Other similar products have smoother attachment. Another drawback is that you have to move the butterfly when in low position to change the resistance (only for heavier/lower weight plates). Otherwise I am very satisfied with the product, and would recommend it to others.

  • NOHrD foot strap

    Tina 30.9.2018 - NOHrD foot strap

    The best foot strap I've used. Easy and quick to take on, and the quality feels great.

  • NOHrD Wallbar ash

    Liberty M 8.7.2014 - NOHrD Wallbar ash

    I'm not going to comment on the equipment just yet as it's in the box waiting for assembly but I should comment on the wonderful service I received from Sport-Tiedje (I was assisted by Jennifer Wegner). I was unavailable for home delivery due to a personal circumstance and Sport-Tiedje (Jennifer Wegner) assisted wonderfully all the way to accommodate my request to have delivery changed. I cannot thank them enough for a prompt, professional and indeed wonderful customer service. Very impressed and will be shopping here again soon.

  • NOHrD Multi-adapter for wallbars

    Anonym 20.12.2013 - NOHrD Multi-adapter for wallbars

    very good

  • NOHrD Wallbar ash

    Laszlo 7.2.2013 - NOHrD Wallbar ash

    Overall nice wallbars, I'm satisfied. Assembling was straightforward, just the pre-drilled holes on the bars were a few millimeters off, so it was hard to screw the screws in, but if was doable and the result seems to be stable. The foldable arm needs some additional security if used by children, otherwise it could open accidentally.

NOHrD Cardio training

NOHrD Strength training

NOHrD Yoga & Pilates

NOHrD Accessories

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