With the revolutionary Octane fitness equipment, you can optimally protect your joints even during intense workouts.
Octane fitness equipment offers the perfect combination of balance, top performance, and high-quality equipment. Octane brand cross-trainers impress users with their extremely ergonomic handling along with varied and goal-oriented training programmes. Octane regularly sets new standards in the fitness industry with its revolutionary Zero Runner treadmills, which allow for even the most intense workout without any joint stress. Octane ergometers impress users with an authentic motion sequence and high-quality components for an extremely effective and unique cardio workout.
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Octane Fitness fitness equipment: standard in innovation and ergonomics

A sheer paragon of creative and innovative power, Octane has been developing fitness equipment of the highest quality for years, inspiring users in terms of progress and uniqueness and taking into account the ever-changing wishes and demands of the global fitness community. The mission: to develop fitness equipment with a near-zero strain on the body and joints, to inspire customers and encourage them to lead healthier lives. The result: numerous awards, top scores in various tests, and thousands of satisfied customers around the globe. Whether it is a cross-trainer, treadmill, or ergometer, Octane delivers top-class ergonomics and comfort.

Octane Fitness fitness equipment: work out intelligently with Smart Link

Octane's free Smart Link app makes it easy to document all relevant training results and performance data produced during a workout on an Octane Zero Runner. That allows not only for an accurate analysis of the workout but also for the simple creation of an individual and customised workout plan for even more variety and motivation during training. No matter what workout goal you set for yourself, whether you want to run a marathon or simply burn calories, Octane's Smart Link app is the ideal digital companion by your side.

Octane Fitness fitness equipment: with Cross Circuit to even more performance

Cross Circuit on Octane's Zero Runner makes cross-training easy. It combines cardio intervals on the Zero Runner with strength training or stretching exercises alongside the device for exceptional effectiveness and efficiency. Cross-training with Cross Circuit strengthens the entire body and provides greater fitness and better overall balance. Runners can even improve their fitness with targeted and valuable strength and stretching exercises, for example, to strengthen weak joints and make them less susceptible to discomfort and injuries. The torso muscles, which are important for a healthy workout, can also be strengthened effectively in the process.
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