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More jumping power, more flexibility, more springiness - with springiness training

Springiness training belongs to Functional Training. The springiness training is very popular, i.e., among sprinters and basketball players. Jumping power and acceleration are mainly improved with fitness equipment of this category. Springiness training for the torso is also often used for boxing and MMA.

What are the effects of springiness training ?

Springiness training is based upon the knowledge that a concentric muscle contraction is stronger, when it directly follows an eccentric contraction. This means that a muscle is quickly and strongly stretched and contracts then. Due to this so called stretching-shortening cycle (SSC), very big powers can be released.

Springiness exercises are mainly jumping ones, which are done, i.e., with jump trainers or resistance tubes. It is important that single movements are quickly done one after the other. This means: the first jump should be immediately followed by the second one. It is just by the second jump that a single exercise becomes a springiness exercise. By landing, the tension in the muscle is built and the desired training effect is achieved.

For which persons is springiness training useful ?

On principle, springiness exercises are suitable for those, who want to improve their springiness, mainly for jumping. Many team athletes or jump athletes use this type of Functional Training to improve their performance. This includes high jumpers and basketball players as well as volleyball players and keepers for football.

Plyometric training is also an excellent option for runners, who want to train an economic running style. It doesn't matter whether it is a sprinter or long-distance runner. Sprint training improves the ability to push quicker after putting down the foot. The foot is only shortly on the floor, running becomes more economic. Furthermore, stamina of muscles is improved and they do not tire so quickly.
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