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Polar Pulse monitors

Polar pulse monitors have been popular worldwide since its invention it 1982 and have continuously set new standards in functionality and design ever since. Either ECG precise heart rate measuring, exact calory consumption and step counting, reliable track measuring per GPS or scientifically based training recommendations: Polar offers a selection of pulse monitors to beginners, leisure runners, and competition sportsmen in order to achieve the personal target.
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Polar Cycling Sports Watches

Being an innovative developer of pulse monitors and trackers, Polar has also developed cycling with some of its products. Thanks to smart solutions for bike computers, Polar creates products for cyclists and racing cyclists, which document precisely all important data of your workout. Distance, pulse, altimetery, and training development are just some of those features.
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Polar Fitness tracker

Innovative and user-optimised products are just two features of the company Polar. The wide range of fitness trackers and activity trackers offers the appropriate product for every kind of use. Either with the elegant Loop models or the A360 with touch display – Polar makes selftracking very simple!
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Polar Accessory for cardio training

(2 Products)
Polar Accessory for cardio training equipment offers you a good basis for an effective training, i. e. for losing weight. Achieve your training targets almost by yourself with the range of products of Polar. You only have to show your will to start your training.
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Polar Accessory pulse measuring

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The training with fitness equipment and accessory influences directly your health and well-being. Thus you should pay attention to quality when purchasing fitness equipment. Products of the range of products of Polar Accessory pulse measuring offer you safety and quality for an effective training at home.
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Polar - Customer ratings

  • Polar Transmitter Chest Strap T34 uncoded

    Athanasios 12.3.2018 - Polar Transmitter Chest Strap T34 uncoded

    I used it with Horizon Adventure 7 treadmill which are compatible with Polar products (the Polar logo is on the treadmill console), I simply wore the strap and the heart rate started being shown on the screen. Easy to wear, good material, you really don't fill it during the workout.

  • Polar Transmitter Chest Strap T34 uncoded

    Anonym 12.2.2018 - Polar Transmitter Chest Strap T34 uncoded

    Ok, but low sensitivity.

  • Polar Transmitter Chest Strap T34 uncoded

    Anonym 25.7.2016 - Polar Transmitter Chest Strap T34 uncoded

    Unglaublich! Packung aufgemacht, Brustgurt entnommen, nach einer Bedienungsanleitung gesucht und keine gefunden - weil gar keine nötig ist! Der Brustgurt ist denkbar einfach zu nutzen: Einfach den Gurt an den eigenen Brustkorbumfang anpassen und anlegen. Sofort mit der Einschaltung des Ergometers stellen die beiden Geräte den Kontakt her und zeigen die Herzfrequenz an. Und als Zugabe lag ein T-Shirt sowie ein Energie-Riegel bei!

  • Polar Transmitter Chest Strap T34 uncoded

    DM 31.8.2013 - Polar Transmitter Chest Strap T34 uncoded

    Not so confortable. Can't change batteries.

With a Polar heart rate monitor (also called pulse monitor, pulsometer or pulse watch) you can easily ensure that you always work out within your ideal training and intensity range. This enables you to reach not only your personal fitness goal, but also an improved physical condition in general. If you want to get in shape, it is most important to train at the appropriate intensity level, i.e not to challenge yourself too much or too little. The intensity can be controlled best with the heart rate. Every Polar heart rate monitor consists of a wristband receiver and a comfortable chest strap transmitter.

Simple units show your heart rate, whereas higher models show the time of day and training time and make sure through acoustic alarm signals that you do not exceed or fall short of your chosen pulse limits and therefore are training at the optimal training level. Storing workout data helps you to evaluate your workout.

Polar - Documents

In the following selection, you have the possibility to find documents (for instance, instructions or test reports) about the products of the manufacturer Polar. Please select the product, for whose documents you are interested in, from the column "products".

Polar Cardio training

Polar Body analysis & sport nutrition

Polar Trampolines, table tennis and play equipment

Polar Accessories

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