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Cardio classic for a training in between of legs and gluteal muscles

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Bestseller no. 1
Item number: CST-STEPPER
44 Customer ratings
∅ 4.55 of 5 Stars
1 Star
cardiostrong Fitness Stepper purchase online now
Exclusively available at Sport-Tiedje!
Exclusively at Sport-Tiedje: Stepper with spring resistance for more effective training
Revolutionary stepper concept with mechanical resistance, instead of hydraulic: the movement on the fitness stepper is more dynamic, more swinging and is similar to training on a rebounder!
  • Fitness stepper with revolutionary resistance concept: spring mechanism instead of hydraulic system
  • Advantages compared to common fitness steppers:
    • more dynamic, more effective movements, similar to rebounder
    • absorbing, more joint-gentle
    • more silent and less wear
    • treads work independently of each other
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Bestseller no. 2
Item number: CST-STEP
21 Customer ratings
∅ 4.62 of 5 Stars
1 Star
cardiostrong Step Board  purchase online now
The cardiostrong Step Board is ideal for aerobic and fitness exercises. It is 3 times height adjustable (15, 20, and 25 cm) and has a nonslip surface of 86 x 29 cm.
  • cardiostrong Step Board
  • Nonslip surface
  • 3 height adjustments (15, 20, 25 cm)
  • Training surface: 86 x 29 cm
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Bestseller no. 3
Item number: RE-RAEL-11150BL-N
51 Customer ratings
∅ 4.76 of 5 Stars
2 Stars
1 Star
Reebok Elements Step purchase online now
The legendary Reebok Step in a new design. What stays the same? Its renown quality.
  • New, trendy design!
  • Easy to use due to one piece construction
  • 3-level adjustable
  • Work-Out DVD (in English) is included in delivery
  • Colour: blue-white
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Bestseller no. 4
Item number: TF-UT
13 Customer ratings
∅ 4.85 of 5 Stars
3 Stars
2 Stars
1 Star
Taurus Ultra Trainer purchase online now
The Taurus Ultra Trainer is a fitness equipment to achieve remarkable results in a short time. No matter whether you prefer a training with short, challenging interval programmes or rather long and less intensive sessions - thanks to the combined movement of elliptical cross trainer and stepper, the success is predestined.
  • Exercise programmes: 11, heart rate controlled: 4
  • A machine for our time: effective, powerful, and offering freedom for your training
  • Combination of an elliptical cross trainer and stepper: made for burning thighs and trains the upper body
  • Ideal for long training sessions for fat burning or for challenging a four-minutes tabata programmes
  • Combines air and magnetic resistance: very smooth at a low intensity and unlimited thanks to the air resistance
Sport-Tiedje test judgement
Smoothness of Rotation
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Bestseller no. 5
Item number: 7874-900
27 Customer ratings
∅ 4.48 of 5 Stars
2 Stars
1 Star
Kettler 2 in 1 Stepper purchase online now
The Kettler 2 in 1 Stepper offers two variation possibilities of the course of movement. You can either choose a climbing movement (like stairs) or the lateral course of motion. Thus you can train hip muscles as well as leg and gluteal muscles.
  • Training of leg, hip, and gluteal muscles with the Kettler 2 in 1 Stepper
  • Training computer: displays time, calory consumption, number of steps; automated change of indications
  • Sturdy hydraulic cylinders for a smooth pedalling resistance
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Bestseller no. 6
Item number: RE-RSP-16150
5 Customer ratings
∅ 5 of 5 Stars
4 Stars
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Reebok Step Studio purchase online now
Offering a versatile and simple adjusting mechanism, the Reebok Step Studio is suitable for home use as well as for gyms. It offers a good grip with its big and nonslip surface - even during challenging and intensive workouts.
  • Suitable for commercial use
  • Three times height adjustable: 15, 20, and 25 cm
  • Easy to use adjusting mechanism
  • Nonslip surface
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Starting from £81.58
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Bestseller no. 7
Item number: CST-ASS004
4 Customer ratings
∅ 4.75 of 5 Stars
3 Stars
2 Stars
1 Star
cardiostrong Folded Mini Bike purchase online now
Purchasing the cardiostrong Folded Mini Bike, you get a foldable recumbent exercise bike for effective workout of arm and leg muscles.
  • Training of arm and leg muscles with the cardiostrong Folded Mini Bike
  • Manual resistance adjustment
  • Practical folding mechanism
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Bestseller no. 8
Item number: 7874-950
36 Customer ratings
∅ 4.5 of 5 Stars
3 Stars
1 Star
Kettler Side-Stepper purchase online now
The Kettler Side-Stepper is a small, transportable fitness device for easy and lasting calory burn.
  • Kettler Side-Stepper with hydraulic absorbers
  • Optimal to burn calories
  • Very comfortable, parallel movement
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Bestseller no. 9
Item number: CST-ASS002
33 Customer ratings
∅ 4.42 of 5 Stars
1 Star
cardiostrong 2 in 1 stepper purchase online now
The cardiostrong 2 in 1 stepper is a training equipment combining two different courses of motion. Besides stairs-similar climbing motion, a lateral course of motion is possible as well. Leg and gluteal muscles as well as hip muscles are trained.
  • Training of leg, hip, and gluteal muscles with the cardiostrong 2 in 1 stepper
  • 2 different ranges of motion: up and down motion and lateral course of motion
  • Training computer: displays workout duration, calory consumption, number of steps, cadence, automatic display change
  • Very small space required
  • Sturdy hydraulic cylinder for a regular pedalling resistance
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Bestseller no. 10
Item number: 7877-000
24 Customer ratings
∅ 4.33 of 5 Stars
1 Star
Kettler Stepper Montana purchase online now
The new sturdy, heavy-duty Kettler Stepper.
  • Training computer: time, step rate, steps per workout unit, energy consumption, total height climbed, room temperature, pulse, recovery heart rate with fitness score 1-6, automatic display change (can be paused); multiple possible settings: time, steps, energy consumption, step rate with audible signal (can be paused), optimum training pulse range
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Sport-Tiedje puts each fitness equipment through its paces. Then our team of sports scientists, serious athletes, and service technicians of many years of experience evaluate the products of different categories. Compare easily the products using the Sport-Tiedje test judgement and find your appropriate equipment.
Items per page:

Stepper - Customer ratings

  • Kettler Side-Stepper

    Anonym 18.4.2018 - Kettler Side-Stepper

    Great for a my morning workout and takes up very little space, but really squeaky and clunky...

  • Kettler Side-Stepper

    Anonym 23.3.2018 - Kettler Side-Stepper

    excellent product - very happy!

  • Kettler Side-Stepper

    Anonym 11.8.2017 - Kettler Side-Stepper

    The product is well made and sturdy and works a treat. Excellent would definitely recommend

  • Kettler Stepper Montana

    Yvonne 28.8.2016 - Kettler Stepper Montana

    I love this stepper. It is very solid and the stepping action is smooth. The console gives lots of useful feedback to help keep motivated. It is a great addition to any home gym.

  • Reebok Blue Step Board

    Madde 22.5.2016 - Reebok Blue Step Board

    Good quality. Only your imagination sets the limit for what you can do with this. And you get a DVD so you don't need som much imagination =)

  • cardiostrong Step Board

    paul ohnson 6.2.2016 - cardiostrong Step Board

    A very good product,well constructed.and very sturdy.and very stable when using

  • cardiostrong Step Board

    Paul 27.11.2015 - cardiostrong Step Board

    Very good item. Stable, doesnt slide and different heights. Very strong. Good quality/price!

  • Reebok Easytone Step

    Anonym 7.10.2015 - Reebok Easytone Step

    Great for home training - does not take too much space - Love it!

  • Kettler Side-Stepper

    E. Hibberd 28.8.2015 - Kettler Side-Stepper

    Fantastic! The quality of Kettler never disappoints. Very well made and sturdy. This is my second Kettler side stepper. I love the new model! Highly recommended.

  • Reebok Professional Step

    Anonym 21.8.2015 - Reebok Professional Step

    super step professional Tanks

Steppers are predecessors of elliptical crosstrainers. Steppers were replaced by them regarding training variety and quality. The long, sliding movement makes the elliptical crosstrainer more joint-gentle and more effective than a stepper, which mainly know simple up and down.

The stepper - Effective training of calves, thighs, and gluteal muscles

Do you want to train especially your gluteal muscles and your thighs, fight against bothersome problem zones, and do your training comfortably at home? A stepper is a practical and effective training device for your daily workouts. Steppers imulate typical movements, done while climbing stairs - thus you mainly train calves, thighs, and gluteal muscles. Calories are effectively burnt.

Which stepper is the best one for me?

You can buy different steppers at Sport-Tiedje: mini stepper, side stepper, bigger stepper, and the step board. In general, all of them train the same muscles parts, mainly the legs.

The step board convinces by its simplicity and is often used in aerobics. It's often adjustable in height and is suitable for versatile exercises of stamina, muscle power, and rehabilitation.

Mini steppers can be stored space efficiently under the bed or in a wardrobe thanks to their compact size. Due to their small, less loadable hydraulic cylinders, mini steppers are aonly suitable for a light training at low loads and of low range. They are ideal for beginners.

Higher steppers are equiped with big, sturdy hydraulic cylinders and can resist intensive loads. Stable arm bars and handles offer the required safety for support for problems with balance. Furthermore, most big steppers are equiped with a training computer, which helps to observe the trianing and shows the training time or number of done steps, i.e..

The step is in V-shape for side steppers. The lateral movement of a side stepper mainly effects the muscles of the inner side of thighs and gluteal muscles.

Tips for stepper users

Before you buy a stepper, it is recommended to test such a device. Stepper and user need to be stable. Check the device as well regarding a movement as jerkfree as possible.
A physician should be consulted before you start training with a stepper - like for any other training equipment - in order to prevent possible health risks.
Be sure that children or pets are not in the room, while exercising on the stepper. There is danger of injury.

Last but not least: If you are unsure which stepper type or model is the right one for you, be inspired by stepper test of independent trade journals.
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