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The choice of suitable table tennis bats is of high importance for the success of the match. The table tennis bat is decisive for speed, spin and control of the ball. Furthermore, the own play can be supported in an effective way.

The important differences of a table tennis bat are the grip form, the film and the used wood.
There are linear, concave, anatomic and conic grip forms. While the player can vary the play with a linear bat grip in the easiest way, the other forms are more comfortable.
The bat film has the biggest influence at which speed and which rotation the table tennis ball can be played. There are differences in thickness of the sponge pad and the grip of the film. Beginners should choose a bat with thinner sponges - here, the ball feeling is more important than the speed, at first.
The bat wood is made of several layers which are glued with each other. Hard woods make the play faster and are ideal for offensive players. Defensive players choose rather soft woods. Modern, high-quality bat woods are often a clever combination of hard and soft woods. It aims at the best-possible speed and optimal ball control at the same time.
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