Tanita body analysis scales MC 780 MA

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Tanita body analysis scales MC 780 MA
available from CW 39
Tanita body analysis scales MC 780 MA
available from CW 39
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  • Tanita offers a 5-year guarantee for professional use
  • High-Tech freestanding scales: ultra precise weight capacity up to 270 kg
  • Multi-frequency segment body analysis scales – 3 frequencies provide very precise whole body and segment measurings
  • User-friendly – The interactive console offers instructions for entering personal data and the measuring, which can thus be done without the help of a specialist.
    • Body fat %
    • Body fat mass
    • Fat mass
    • Fatfree mass
    • Muscle mass
    • Total body water
    • Extracellular water
    • Intracellular water
    • ECW/TBW proportion
    • Body Mass Index
    • Bone mass
    • Determination of physique
    • Measuring of visceral fat
    • Metabolic rate kcal
    • Metabolic rate indicator
    • Metabolic age
    • Phase angle
    • Body fat distribution
    • Muscle mass balance
    • Leg muscle value
    • Segment measuring values for each leg, each arm, and the ...
    • Fat (%)
    • Fat mass evaluation
    • Muscle mass evaluation
    • Reactance/resistance
  • The console can be turned, so that data are not visible or for use by very corpulent persons
  • All results of the body composition are shown on an easy-to-read, extra big LCD display. Measuring results and the complete segment analysis are clearly shown on both displays
  • The integrated SD card device allows the automated data acquisition and download of data as required - more than 10,000 results can be saved on a SD card with 2 GB.
  • Continuous measuring data can be easily recorded for every customer by means of the customer ID function. In addition, large amounts of anonymized data can be compiled for research studies.
  • The complete advice form can be printed directly on a Pictbridge printer, which is connected to the MC 780, after the measuring for further discussion.
  • The scales are compatible with the GMon health monitor software and allow database management, evaluation of health level, and compiling of progress reports.
  • Modular 3 components construction for easy installation and maintenance as well as transport
  • Accredited according to MDD class IIa and NAWI class III.

The MC-780 multi-frequency segment body analysis scales are perfect for the immediate analysis of health and fitness of a customer and for tracking the progress over time.

The scales MC 780 are designed as interactive, independent system. Customers stand on the scales and can do the measuring without the help of a specialist. A complete segment body analysis is done within less than 20 seconds. The big LED double display shows the measured data of the body analysis and the detailed segment analysis in a clear format.

Measured results are saved automatically on the SD card, send to a PC or transmitted to a printer and can be printed as advice form for discussion with a specialist. In addition, the data can be sent wirelessly via a Bluetooth adaptor to a PC or a Windows Tablet.

Target values for weigth and body fat can be set in the target mode in order to increase the motivation and to show the real progress for doing a weight or fitness program. All user data can be saved and used for the detailed trend analysis with the GMon health monitor software.

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